Mary Pero: Providing ‘Compassion’ and ‘Open-Mindedness’

When reaching a certain age, it’s tempting to call it a day and begin a relaxing retirement. However, reaching her 60th birthday earlier this year, Mary Pero has no plans of starting that chapter any time soon. Happily serving as a Concierge at Waltonwood University, she views each day as a new opportunity to connect with a resident. Whenever Mary arrives at work, she walks in feeling proud for “being accepted by the residents” knowing that they have “the confidence to listen and get them what they need in their day”.

When asked about what makes up a great day at Waltonwood, she replied, “Seeing all the residents on a daily basis… Seeing the residents interact with each other, whether it’s during breakfast or down in the Campus Room for an activity. Listening to stories and memories.”

Mary appreciates making those meaningful interactions and connections with members of the community. She implements Waltonwood’s family values in her career and applies them to her welcoming approach as a Concierge. Being one of the first faces you see, she understands the importance of a lasting impression.

When examining these familial values, she breaks them down into 6 essential components: feeling valued, anticipating needs, making their day memorable, integrity, laughter, and a “yes” mentality.

Although Mary views her residents as secondary family members, she values the time she has with her husband and two granddaughters when she clocks out or enjoys a day off. She also loves her antique cars, family trips, and sitting down for dinner with family and friends. Her day is complete after interacting with people who matter. She loves to bring her own sense of compassion and open-mindedness to her team each day to complete the necessary tasks.

“[I] make sure I greet every resident…during the conversations, [I] find out how the moment or day is going,” Mary said. “Keep track of birthdays and any special occasions…always keep a positive attitude and helpful outlook all the time.”

Singh has made her feel welcome providing her a secondary home in Waltonwood University. She loves the work she does and can’t see herself anywhere else.

When asked if she has any big goals for the future, she simply replied, “Seeing that I just turned 60 in March and have no current plans on retiring any time soon, [I’m] hoping to stay working at Waltonwood.”

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