Deosikay “Montell” Ross: Prepared for a Long Career

When it comes to the important things in life, instincts often confirm the right decision is made. This can be especially true when it comes to choosing a career path. For Deosikay “Montell” Ross, he knew he was at the right place to work after the first day.

During his time in college, he had the opportunity to work for a retirement community. While nervous about how it would turn out, he found that the appreciation of the residents was all he needed to stay motivated during and after work hours.

“When I came back home after 3 years in Kalamazco, Michigan, I searched for a new occupation,” Montell said. “Two jobs later, I found Waltonwood…I knew it was a place for longevity.”

As a Maintenance Technician at Waltonwood Twelve Oaks, Montell realized the true importance of strong and reliable teamwork for career success. He found a place that values his work while providing him with the tools and people he needs to thrive. Because of this, Montell continues having positive work experiences knowing that residents are satisfied with his work.

“I love how any and everyone is willing to give a hand where needed at all times,” Montell said. “I am proud of always giving my best effort at anything I do even if I’m not motivated.”

He works hard to ensure success for himself and his team each day by bringing his full “dedication, determination, and effort” to the tasks at hand. However, he also understands the importance of creating positive chemistry with team members and residents by “being kind, fair, and respectful to everyone”. Montell also applies these principles throughout his personal life as well.

When Montell clocks out, he enjoys focusing on his personal health and spending time with family. While his health is needed for working with his hands, it’s a willingness to create meaningful connections with others that result in a productive team and beneficial environment. These passions drive his career ambitions with Waltonwood moving forward.

“My goals are to one day become an ESM [Environmental Service Manager] of a Waltonwood property and build a team that will value work and residents the same as I do,” he said.

Montell does whatever he needs each day to remain a positive presence within the Singh community. Waltonwood’s family values and professional guidance bring him comfort in knowing he is exactly where he belongs.

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