Vicki Shotwell: Rewarding Career

When giving a lot of your time each week to your career, it is always a wonderful feeling when it feels like your work gives you just as much back. That is the sign of a truly fulfilling job experience. For over 21 years, Vicki Shotwell has had that very type of career opportunity. She has enjoyed working in many different positions during her lengthy tenure. Vicki’s admiration for the work she does with seniors is what has kept her clocking in each day for more than two decades.

“I enjoy working for Singh because working with seniors is very rewarding,” Vicki said. “I bring dedication to the team and our community every day that I work.”

Currently serving in her newest position as the Senior Business Office Manager, she loves having the chance to travel to each assisted living community and support and/or train new Business Office Managers for the road ahead. Because of the consistently positive experience she has had with Singh, Vicki has no plans to leave the organization that has been so good to her for all these years. When posed with the question of long-term career goals, her answer is quite simple.

“I’m not sure how to answer this one,” Vicki replied. “I hope to retire at some point in time, but not in the foreseeable future.”

When retirement does decide to knock on her door, she’ll have a lot more time to focus on her passions outside of the office. These include reading, sewing, and working on a variety of different craft projects. When the weather cooperates, she also loves relaxing on the beach. With many of these activities going well together, there is no doubt that she will one day enjoy her well-earned retirement.

As she continues to train the administration’s new managers, she has a few words of advice for those interested in pursuing a career with Singh.

“Current associates need to keep their eyes open for postings that may give them a growth opportunity,” Vicki explained. “The best way for an interested candidate to apply is to go to our website at”

Many of us can only dream of having a work opportunity that feels as rewarding and satisfying as when we first started decades prior. Vicki’s career allows her to receive as much as she gives, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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