Cora Truscott Loves to Serve and Entertain

Since June 2020, Cora Truscott has enjoyed devoting her time and talents to the community at Waltonwood Royal Oak. Serving as a volunteer, she would spend her Sunday evenings playing piano for the residents to provide live musical entertainment. Since then, the residents still look forward to her weekly performances. She loves using her talents as a musician to bring joy to everyone at Waltonwood. The community’s welcoming environment and engaging residents also allow her to showcase her desire to create meaningful conversation.

According to her leadership team, peers, and residents, Cora is a constant “breath of fresh air” when she walks through the door. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve at Waltonwood and connect with residents learning about their strengths, passions, and stories. Spending most of her volunteer time serving in the dining room or assisting with Life Enrichment, she loves to bring smiles to everyone and ensure a pleasant time for the residents.

Outside of singing and playing piano, Cora also has an artistic passion for music theory and theater. As a student, she manages to also find time to involve herself with these endeavors between classes. When she isn’t busy with academics or volunteering, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and doing large projects. As if she didn’t volunteer enough, she also volunteers her time to serve in church assignments. Cora’s desire to serve and spend her days helping others is a bright beacon for everyone involved.

She currently attends Brigham Young University in Utah majoring in Communication Disorders. Cora hopes to one day complete a master’s degree and license in Speech Language Pathology. As she continues to pursue her dreams, we could not be happier with her contributions to the Singh family.

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