Richard Mabe: Leaving a Positive Impact

It takes the right person to take on the responsibility of overseeing Resident Care within Waltonwood’s communities throughout Michigan to maintain leadership quality and ensure that exceptional standards are consistently met. For Richard Mabe, he does just that and loves every minute of it. Having happily worked with Singh for the past 4 years, Richard has recently become the new Director of Resident Care for all the Michigan communities. Since filling those shoes, he’s had some big goals in mind.

“One of my goals is to work with each community to make the resident care leader position efficient and streamlined on the community level,” Richard said. “I am excited to be in this position as I know I will have a direct impact and influence on each Resident Care Leader in the [Michigan] communities.”

He has the privilege of making sure that the resident care received at each community is kept at a certain level of excellence. As the head of the state’s resident care department, Richard’s job is to keep the department running smoothly and efficiently. His position encompasses 7 total communities with his guidance affecting everyone involved.

“I enjoy working for Singh because I know the work I do directly impacts the residents, families, and associates,” Richard said. “My goals are that the resident care departments are operating by using the most efficient processes possible.”

Richard’s continued admiration for what he does drives him to create a meaningful community environment for employees and residents. When asked where he sees himself professionally in the next 5 to 10 years, he quickly answered, “I still see myself working with the Waltonwood family.” His referral to Waltonwood as a “family” really says it all as he brings a “new fresh perspective to the team and to the day-to-day operations” each day.

That’s not to say Richard doesn’t also have other things he loves to do when a free day comes along. Being a resident of Michigan, he considers the weather to be a highlight. He enjoys it to the fullest sailing on a windy day. When he’s not taking command of a well-oiled care department, he’s commanding a boat on the lakes of Michigan.

There’s not a day that goes by where Richard wouldn’t recommend pursuing a career with Singh. He’s worked hard to grow in his career and has accomplished a lot in just 4 years.

When asked what advice he has for current associates aiming to grow in their own Singh career, he simply replied, “Stay committed to always doing better than you did the day before. The work is never done, and things will get better.”

With words like that, it’s no wonder Richard is enjoying a director position with an organization he considers to be family. It’s as simple as a visit to where you can apply for the opportunity that best fits your talents.

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