Daniel Enos: Growth and Opportunity

When transitioning into a fresh career opportunity with a new organization, you want to feel a sense of longevity. Knowing that there is room for long-term professional growth brings comfort and excitement when closing out your first work week on the job. This is exactly how Daniel Enos felt when starting with Singh and it hasn’t changed since.

Since starting his Singh career, he has worked in five different positions. In September 2011, he accepted an entry-level position as a Concierge at one of Singh’s Senior Living communities. Over 10 years later, Daniel currently serves as the company’s Payroll Lead in the HR department. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Singh’s allowance for career growth and providing new professional opportunities to their employees.

“Since day one, I have been presented with opportunities to further my education and learn about other areas within the company that I may have an interest in,” Daniel said. “Singh definitely wants to set you up for success which has always been something I admire about this company.”

After expressing an interest in pursuing HR and payroll, Daniel worked his way up to becoming one of the department’s Payroll Specialists before his recent transition into the Payroll Lead. Using his extensive payroll experience he gained as a specialist, he now has the knowledge and ability to competently lead his team.

“I am excited for this role…I now have an associate that reports to me, and I look forward to learning and improving my management skills,” Daniel said. “I feel my strongest attributes that I bring to the team are my customer service skills and willingness to help, along with consistency. Being a team player and knowing that your teammates can trust and rely on you is a great feeling.”

Outside of the love he has for his work, Daniel loves seeing his four dogs and bird (to which he refers to them all as “the zoo”) each day when he comes home. Although his work and animal family keep him busy, he cannot resist traveling for his quest to find the restaurant with the best mac and cheese.

Always looking to further advance in his education and career, Daniel hopes to continue growing more in his knowledge of payroll and HR. In the next 5-10 years, he hopes to grow as a leader while remaining open to any new leadership opportunities. With what Singh has provided for him thus far, he doesn’t think that will be an issue.

“Payroll and HR practices are always changing,” Daniel explained. “Singh has provided me with the opportunity to gain my Certified Payroll Professional certification in 2020, so I would like to continue on with that and gain more HR knowledge to assist in my new leadership role and any leadership role I may have in the future. Success starts with great leadership, so I am always looking to improve in that area.”

When asked to provide any advice for current Singh associates aspiring to grow in their career, Daniel simply replied, “Advice I would give…is to not be afraid to explore your options. There is plenty of opportunity for growth within this company. So, if you find an area that interests you, you should always express that interest and go for it.”

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