A Career in Care

Enthusiastic, inquisitive, and outgoing people are always welcome on our Resident Care team. When you join Singh, you join our family. We strive to make every team member feel at home in their role and with their peers. We will nurture your passion for excellent care and help you flourish in your career.

As a Med Tech, Caregiver, or any other role in Resident Care, you will rise to new challenges every day and feel the immediate reward of our residents' genuine appreciation and gratitude. You don't have to look past the individual you are assisting to see the good you bring to the world in a Resident Care role at Singh.


Developing Your Career

Foster a Family Atmosphere

Join our family and promote our values among your team and residents.

Take Care, Take Charge

Utilize our training and development to put yourself in a more specialized role.

Lead with Excellence

Become a leader by taking charge in your role and helping others do the same.

Open Resident Care Positions

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