Basma Jirjis: Family Struggles Inspire a Career Helping Others

When it comes to personal challenges or professional success, family can mean everything. Serving as a Life Enrichment Assistant at Waltonwood Twelve Oaks, Basma Jirjis understands the significance of family on a personal and professional level. She loves to make sure her different families are happy and healthy. For this reason, Basma spends each day at work ensuring that the residents are enjoying their daily activities and feel included within the Waltonwood community.

“I love…how you become family to many residents and their families. Building a good relationship with the residents gives them comfort in knowing they have someone they can trust here,” Basma said. “I love seeing them gathered around the piano area chatting and spreading laughter all around. It truly warms my heart.”

Caring for your professional family can be a beautiful and rewarding experience. However, a complete understanding of familial connection also means experiencing life’s ups and downs with personal family and relatives. For many years, Basma dealt with personal struggles and obstacles alongside family members. It was through perseverance and a strong emotional bond that allowed Basma and her family overcame these many challenges.

“My family and me have accomplished many things together. This includes making it out of a war-zoned country in 2005 and receiving my citizenship in the U.S. in 2019,” Basma admitted. “Also, as a family, we defeated my dad’s cancer 3 times over the past 10 years.”

It is through her personal life that she could apply the strength of family and the loving care it involves to her professional endeavors. The first thing that drew her to pursuing a career with Singh was her love of helping others, “especially the elderly”. It is that passion that drives her energy to work her hardest when she arrives.

“I bring a great attitude and a willingness to take on any task. I love helping out my team whenever they need it,” Basma said.

When she isn’t working, Basma loves to enjoy the little things in life. She spends time going on long drives, walking through the downtown area, and traveling with her friends and family. Although she has loved her career with Waltonwood, she is preparing to take what she learned and use it for future ambitions.

Basma plans to receive an IT degree and real estate license as another way of helping others in need of assistance. Working in both industries, she aims to use her knowledge and experience to open her own company in Michigan and Georgia. With a solid grasp of what is truly important, there is no doubt that Singh careers has given Basma the tools she needs to accomplish great things.

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