Crystal Maines Brings Her Social Energy to Waltonwood Cotswold

You know you’ve made the right career move when your workplace makes you feel “at home”. For Crystal Maines, that’s a daily feeling. Serving as a concierge at Waltonwood Cotswold, she finds any chance available to bring her welcoming personality and enthusiasm for her work to the table. As one of the first faces residents and their family members see when arriving to the community, Crystal strives to leave a lasting first impression representing Singh’s respect for family values.

“What drew me to Waltonwood is the home-like environment. I felt very welcomed and at ease,” Crystal said. “The family values come into retrospect every day. You start to develop a way of selflessness and willingness to extend oneself to others. This includes residents and their families and also associates.”

As much as Crystal loves to showcase her passion in the workplace, it is the collaboration with her co-workers and team members that brings a successful day for her and the residents. She believes in a shared vision and common goals being the driving force for productivity. This makes her experience serving at Waltonwood all come together.

“What I love is the ‘collaborative spirit’ amongst each department…it makes the day go by very smoothly and everyone is satisfied,” Crystal said. “A great day at Waltonwood would be one where you come in prepared and have daily goals and timelines. This helps you be productive…”

During her time as a concierge, she has been proud of the work she does daily. Singh has allowed her to use her talents to leave a lasting impression benefiting others. Crystal loves to be a source of positive energy within the community.

Crystal said, “Being able to pursue fascinating, high-quality work that has a good impact is something I am most pleased with.”

Although she loves to socialize for a living, she also enjoys socializing with people outside of work. Nothing is quite as important to her as a meaningful conversation or a memorable interaction with loved ones. For Crystal, this is what gives life a heartbeat.

“During my spare time I enjoy socializing,” she admitted. “Whether it is with family or friends, I love interacting and making memories.”

She loves to interact in and out of the workplace. Despite enjoying her current role with Singh, she aims to remain on a professional path that leads to a supervisory role in the long run. As she continues to serve her Waltonwood residents with a smile, her goal of progressing to upper management is what drives her to be her best self professionally. Singh provides Crystal with the tools and opportunities to let her skills and talents shine bright.

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