Dhaman Bansal Enjoys Being the ‘First Face’ of Waltonwood Carriage Park

There’s a certain pressure that comes with making a positive and enduring first impression. For Dhaman Bansal, those warm introductions have brought a daily smile to her face throughout her three years with the Singh. Serving as a Concierge for Waltonwood Carriage Park, she considers herself to be the “first face of the community” as she is responsible for welcoming interactions for all families, residents, and associates.

“What I love the most about serving at Waltonwood is the people I get to interact with daily,” said Dhaman. “Some of the biggest ways I bring the family values to life are through helping families feel valued. By calling family members by their names or asking them how their loved one is doing, it makes their experience at our community feel more personal and memorable.

However, Dhaman hasn’t always considered herself to be the socially engaging individual she identifies as today. For most of her life, she was shy and introverted around others. It wasn’t until she began her work at Waltonwood that things would change, and public communication would gradually become one of her greatest strengths.

“I am most proud of my social skill development,” Bansal explained. “One of the biggest tasks I struggled with when I first started…was answering phone calls. I was so nervous. Through time, practice, and of course the encouragement of my seniors, I came out of my shell!”

Dhaman continues to credit her managers and teammates for her professional success. Through their training and guidance, she gained the assurance needed to thrive in her career. With years of experience under her belt, she couldn’t be more grateful.

“The managers have helped me build the communicative and administrative skills that I have today. Through their patience and kindness, I have grown in my confidence as a concierge,” said Dhaman.

Although this is one of her first jobs, she has nothing but positive experiences with her work. It was Singh’s reputation that grabbed her attention from the beginning.

“What drew me to serve at Waltonwood was the endless praise my former coworker…gave about the community,” said Dhaman. “I heard only positive comments about the faculty and residents, and it got me excited…Additionally, being Sikh myself, the values Singh embraces attracted me to the company.”

When she isn’t working, Dhaman enjoys reading for her book club formed with co-workers and binging Netflix. That’s not to say she isn’t thinking about the next step in her career journey. Waltonwood inspires her to continue devoting her time and talents to helping others. She hopes to receive her master’s degree in clinical research administration so she can work with adolescents struggling with anxiety disorders.

Waltonwood has not only transformed Dhaman socially and professionally, but it has also ignited her passion to serve others. Caregiving is a rewarding profession for everyone involved and she’s loving every moment.

“Residents sharing stories about their life experiences and greeting families who are excited to see their loved ones always puts a smile on my face,” Dhaman admitted.

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