Jonathan Van Wicklin Shares Smiles at Waltonwood Carriage Park

Jonathan Van Wicklin is determined to create positive experiences for residents and team members alike. As a member of the maintenance team for Waltonwood Carriage Park, he accomplishes this by coming into work each day equipped with a contagious smile and an optimistic attitude. In fact, it is his smile that he feels is the biggest thing he brings to his team. Jonathan’s goal is to make others smile as much as he does throughout the workday.

“I always attempt to make people smile to brighten up their day,” Jonathan said. “Our team is what makes every day an enjoyable experience. From the smiles that I know we all have under our masks to the cheerful personalities that we share with one another. That is what allows me to put on a smile for everyone else and take those extra steps to help out whenever and wherever I can.”

Jonathan continues to create these experiences through his many interactions with residents and staff. It is his insistence on treating others with respect and kindness that fuels the smiles and overall cheerful work environment. Working around others is what keeps him going during his daily tasks.

“I try to treat everyone I meet as equals. From residents to coworkers to vendors, I try to treat them how I wish to be treated,” Jonathan explained. “Whenever I get the chance to interact with residents, I try my best to make it a pleasant and positive experience…One of my weaknesses is telling people something that they don’t want to hear.”

As much as he enjoys having fun and creating great interactions with everyone, he also values the importance of the tasks he is given. Jonathan works hard to ensure that everything is running smoothly within the community. Above all else, it is his safety and accuracy that get the job done.

“I try to take preventative steps to the things that I work on,” Jonathan stated. “When I’m given a task, I aim to get it done to the best of my ability and on time. A great day at Waltonwood for me is…work[ing] on some work orders that go perfectly the first time.”

When getting a breather on the job, Jonathan simply enjoys the fresh air outside. Once he has free time at home, he enjoys working on his house and playing video games. Being a family man, Jonathan applies those same family values that he takes to work to his own household.

“My family means a lot to me. Having dinner together with them is one of the highlights of my day,” Jonathan admitted. “With a house comes exciting new adventures that continue to positively challenge me on a daily basis from budgets to repairs to seeing projects come together. Playing video games is my passion when I finally get a chance to relax.”

Appreciating his current work and family life balance, he chooses not to have any concrete goals for the future at this time. Instead, Jonathan is enjoying the present. He can’t help but smile when it comes to his family and his work.

“I don’t think that I need to have all of the answers for my future right now. Until I can find them, I’m going to enjoy every day as best that I can,” Jonathan said.

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