Jasmine Dunn Lets Her Personality Shine at Waltonwood

Jasmine Dunn has always enjoyed her joyful and bubbly personality. However, it wasn’t until her opportunity with Waltonwood that she felt she could truly be herself around residents and co-workers. Now, she couldn’t be happier to let out her contagious personality!

Since June 2020, Jasmine has served as a Medical Technician for Waltonwood Lake Boone. Before accepting this responsibility, she was looking for a professional change. Her previous job kept her from feeling like she could fully express herself which meant subduing her personality around others in the workplace. Initially nervous about being herself when starting with Singh, she quickly felt accepted and appreciated.

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made because my old job did not let me be me. They were trying to change who I am,” Jasmine said. “When I came to Waltonwood, I was a little nervous to show my personality. But when I did, Waltonwood accepted me for who I was and never tried to change who I am. I’m so honored to be a part of the Waltonwood family.”

Besides allowing her positive energy to rub off on the residents, she likes to join them in activities that also make them happy. Between activities, she engages in conversations about what they enjoyed doing when they were younger. Jasmine places the health and wellbeing of Waltonwood’s residents as her top priority the second she walks through the door. She sees her positive attitude as her biggest asset when work starts.

“I pay attention to all of my residents’ needs and what they are interested in doing,” Jasmine said. “So, I will take the time out of the day and do the things my residents love doing whether it’s singing, dancing, arts and crafts, or playing card games…Sometimes, it’s okay to have a little fun at work. It makes the residents excited…”

Most importantly, Jasmine respects and upholds the family values that come with the Singh and the Waltonwood community. She views Waltonwood as her professional family where everyone can support one another and work through any obstacles together as a team. It is a place where you can create a strong connection with your coworkers and grow together in your career with your residents. Jasmine certainly has the personality for the job.

“Waltonwood is a diverse community, and everyone is different and that’s what I love,” she said. “When you look at family values…We help and support each other so we all can develop good coping skills during tough times. When I consider family, I would support my coworkers when they need me to let them know I care and I’m with them 100 percent.”

Jasmine loves her work and supports her team every step of the way. So much so that she even picks up extra work hours on her off days where she can contribute to other departments such as dining or housekeeping.

“I don’t like to see my coworkers struggle or burn out. I should bring excitement, new ideals to help my community to grow. I want our community to keep a good reputation and show that we are a team, and we can provide high quality care for the residents and their loved ones.”

When asked what she is most proud of during her Waltonwood time, Jasmine couldn’t help but mention how honored she was to be recognized by her superiors for her hard work. There is nothing but positive feelings about her leaders and the family she continues to warmly grow into.

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