Advancing Your Career as a Caregiver/CNA at Singh

In our previous installment on CNAs with Nikki and Sara, we talked about some of the more technical aspects of the job such as getting certified, expectations, and compensation. You should definitely make sure to read more of our blogs for more useful information.  

This week, our dynamic duo is back to talk about the qualities you should have to be successful as a Caregiver/CNA and advancement opportunities Singh offers. 


Let’s start off by addressing the biggest question. What does it take to be CNA or Caregiver at Singh? 

Sara: Everything we do is with integrity. We want someone who is proud about what they do. We also look for someone who is patient and passionate about making a difference in the life of our seniors. Those are some of the biggest things we look for outside of their work history. I think we just want them to treat our residents like one of their family members.  

Nikki: We stress teamwork because a big thing for us here is family.  


Waltonwood’s family dynamic also extends to new associates as well. While having previous experience is always a plus, Singh is more than willing to provide guidance and training to the right candidates. 

Nikki: We have on-site training. You’re not going to come in blind. We have two weeks of training in addition to Singh Learning which is our learning portal where Caregivers will complete a certain number of hours towards their training. Caregivers will also be paired with a mentor. 


Mentors are fellow associates in Resident Care that have proven to be reliable and eager to teach others. Mentors are there to show new associates the best and most effective ways of performing their job duties. It’s a title that isn’t taken lightly. 

Nikki: To be a mentor, you have to be with the company for at least six months and remain in good standing. You have to be seen as a leader as well. Mentors also earn an extra dollar an hour. 


A Supervisor-in-Charge is another title that is available for CNAs/Caregivers that go above and beyond. The Supervisor-in-Charge is different from a Mentor. Whenever the Wellness Coordinator or Resident Care Manager is not available, their responsibilities fall to the Supervisor-in-Charge. This is a great role for someone that aspires to become a member of leadership down the line. 

Career advancement is encouraged at Singh. Anyone who is willing to put in the work to better themselves will find opportunities waiting for them.  

Sara: We have a lot of opportunities for advancement. We try our best to promote from within and grow our team. I sometimes speak to applicants that feel stuck in their roles. I like to talk to them about the many opportunities they can explore. 


 So, there you have it. These are some of the things you should know about becoming a Caregiver/CNA at Singh.  

We’re always looking for nice, hardworking people to join our team. If that person is you, check out the open positions at and apply today! 


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