Marketing the Waltonwood Way with Betsy Weakland

Betsy Weakland has been a Marketing Manager at Waltonwood Twelve Oaks for a little under a year. She’s been in the marketing field for over a decade and knows how big a role branding and reputation plays in the success of a company. Today, Betsy is going to fill us in on the types of marketing initiatives Waltonwood uses, how they’ve adapted to tough situations and the traits someone should have before entering this role. 


Explain some of the things you do in your role. 

My role as a Marketing Manager involves being the first face of Waltonwood towards potential residents and their families. We are also community leaders. We help them understand what Waltonwood is, what we do and what we stand for. 


What inspired you to go into the marketing field? 

This was a new career path for me when I came to Singh. I spent the previous decade in marketing for consumer-packaged goods. I was inspired to switch paths and start working in the senior living industry because my own grandma moved herself into a senior living community 13 years ago. I noticed how positive an impact it had on her quality of life. She was getting the socialization and support she needed. I think if she had continued to live on her own, we wouldn’t have had her for as long as we did. That’s something I wanted to be a part of. When I became aware of Singh and Waltonwood, I researched them and learned it’s a great company. I wanted to be able to get that information out to as many people as possible.  


What kind of marketing initiatives do you use to get the word out about Waltonwood? 

We do online marketing campaigns through Constant Contact. We also constantly go out into the surrounding communities to present information about Waltonwood to various senior centers and other businesses that we know seniors and their families are likely to frequent. We also host events within the community and provide them with opportunities that may be interesting to them. We also work in collaboration with other businesses that have high interactions with senior citizens such as rehabilitation centers to make sure the people who are looking have information available to them.  


How has Singh altered its approach to marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

This situation has caused us to get a bit more creative. We still want to make sure people who are looking for a senior living community are aware that Waltonwood is here. We have had to take personal safety and social distancing into consideration. We’re doing more virtual tours and interviews. We’re making sure we’re calling people directly and emailing them to ensure we’re providing them with the information they need. 


What are some essential qualities a Marketing Manager should have? 

First and foremost is a real passion for seniors in this industry. That is what brings me here every day and inspires me to get the word out. They should also have an overall willingness to interact with people with a friendly disposition. When people are coming here, it’s important to show them we’re excited to meet them, and we want them to join our community. Another thing that’s important is to have empathy. Often when families come to us, it’s not a happy occasion. Their loved ones have had something happen to them where they’re not able to safely live by themselves. It can be a scary and overwhelming process for some people. So, having empathy for the family members who come and understanding their situation is paramount.  


You too can be one of the faces of Waltonwood! Head over to the Sales & Marketing section of our careers website and apply today! 

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