Facts Caregivers Should Know When Applying to Singh

Are you interested in working at Singh as a Caregiver? Do you have a CNA certification? You’re in luck, because we have the nittygritty on some important facts you need to know if you’re thinking about applying at one of our Waltonwood communities in Michigan, North Carolina, or Virginia.  

We’ve enlisted the help of Singh’s Talent Acquisition Coordinator Sara Russo and Human Resource Coordinator Nikki Boyd to give us the rundown. 


How does someone go about getting certified or re-certified as a CNA? 

Sara: Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia are all a little different. In Michigan, a Caregiver would need to utilize their resources to get re-certified. Singh does have a CNA program for Caregivers that are getting certified for the first time.  

Nikki: A Caregiver would need to come in with their CNA in North Carolina. In Virginia, Caregivers can have a PCA (Personal Care Assistant), HHA (Home Health Aide) or CNA. They would also have to make sure their certification is for Virginia and not DC, Maryland, or West Virginia 

Sara: Luckily, in Michigan, a CNA is not a requirement to be a Caregiver. Once things begin to normalize, we’ll be able to help Caregivers receive the training and education they need to acquire their CNA license. 


What are some differences between Caregivers that have CNAs vs. those who don’t? 

Sara: We have a higher expectation of CNAs in Michigan. If you do have a CNA certification, there’s an expectation that we’ll cross train you to be a Med Tech within our community because we recognize the training you’ve already gone through to become a CNA. As far as duties for a Caregiver, I don’t think they will vary based on whether they have a CNA certification. 


What are the typical hours and rate of pay for a CNA? 

Sara: Here in Michigan, we do eight-hour shifts with three shifts daily. The first shift is from 6am-2:30pm, the second shift is 2pm-10:30pm, and the third shift is 10:30pm-6:30am. The minimum compensation is $11 an hour, but if you have your CAN certification, we start you at $14 an hour. 

Nikki: For the southeast, the hours for the first shift are from 7am-3pm, second shift is 3pm-11pm and third shift is 11pm-7am. The compensation in North Carolina starts at $12.50 an hour and Med Techs start at $14.50. In Virginia, Caregivers start at $15 an hour and Med Techs start at $17. 

Singh is currently accepting applications and conducting virtual interviews for Caregivers with or without CNA certification. For a full list of positions and their requirements, be sure to visit us at Singhcareers.com! 

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