Vicki Shotwell’s Celebrating 20 Years with Singh

Vicki Shotwell recently celebrated her 20-year anniversary at Singh. This is a monumental achievement that speaks to her passion and extraordinary work ethic. She’s worked in a few of our locations over the years and has a wealth of knowledge about how Singh has grown and changed. 


How did you get your start at Singh? 


I’ve done a lot of different things. Most of my background has been in accounting. I worked for a doctor’s office for 17 years prior to joining Singh, as well working in the accounting department in the main office for 10 years. When the Business Office Manager position opened at Waltonwood University, I thought maybe it was time for a change. I applied, got the position and worked there for 8 ½ years before transitioning to Waltonwood Providence.  


What are your day-to-day duties as a Business Office Manager? 


I oversee the concierge team on a day to day basis. I also take care of payroll, invoices, billing, lease renewals, bank deposits and paperwork for move-ins and move-outs. The list goes on and on.  


I understand you’ve won the Business Office Manager of the Year award three times. How does it feel to be recognized in that way from your peers? 


It’s a great feeling. I’ve always taken pride in my work and I love working with the Singh family. I got to know the owners when I worked at the main office. I remember seeing their kids at company picnics when they were young and now, they’re helping at the company. It’s neat to be recognized in that way by the residents, their families and my peers.  


What is it about Singh that made you stick around for 20 years? 


It’s the family. It’s the feeling that you belong. It’s the fact that you’re making a difference in people’s lives. It’s very rewarding and Singh is a great family-owned business. Their values and mission to make sure we redefine senior living for people is phenomenal.  


What kind of positive changes have you witnessed in your tenure? 


They’ve made so much progress over the years in the different software programs we use to help the residents with their billing. The company has always been very forward thinking in trying to make things easier for associates. They’ve improved the associate referral program. They’ve made changes to the PTO program. They’ve always been competitive for their benefits. Those are just some of the changes that have been made over the years that affect associates and our residents.  


What are some essential qualities a candidate should have for your department? 


Good personalities go a long way. You should be able to work with others in a business like this; there are a lot of different personalities that we work with. They should also be detail oriented. Be prepared for that family feeling. It’s something that’s not easy to find in the workplace. 


Your 20-year Singh journey could start today. All you have to do is apply at! 


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