Investing in Leadership and Motivating Staff with Chalotta Johnson

In 2019, we introduced you to Chalotta Johnson. She spoke to us about the work culture at Singh, the ability to grow within the company and the future of Singh as a whole. Fast forward one year and Chalotta is back to fill us in how Singh’s practices and leadership has evolved, and what that means for the average employee. 

What does your role entail? 

In the HR Business Partner role, we support a network portfolio of communities. I support the managers, Executive Directors and the hourly staff. I have monthly community visits where I hold office hours where anyone can ask me questions about HR. I also facilitate and train based on the needs and recommendations of the communities on a monthly basis.  

What kinds of new training methods were implemented based on community input? 

Communication is a big thing. There are so many moving parts in a community, and everyone has to work together. Sometimes communication gets lost, but even if it’s not lost, we still have effective communication training to help with that. We create the training based on books we’ve read or seminars we’ve attended and pass that knowledge along to the site.  

Why do you think it’s important for Singh to invest in its leadership? 

The leaders are in charge of engaging and motivating the associates at work. Being a leader is different than being a manager. We want to empower our leadership through things like training and symposiums, so they have the skills they need to take back to their communities.  We want our leaders to be able to build effective teams. That’s very important because you need to have harmony throughout the community. 

How does leadership motivate associates to excel in their positions? 

We have some initiatives that we’re implementing such as a recognition program that the leaders are a part of. They can say something as simple as “Hey, great job today with the residents.” It’s just one of the ways our associates can be recognized, and it lets other see they will also be recognized if they do a great job. It’s important for the leaders to continue to be involved in those types of things. The associates appreciate seeing the regional team and leaders and make themselves available to talk and answer questions.  

What is the Singh Learning platform and how is it used to help associates grow? 

Singh Learning is our learning management system. It’s basically our compliance bible. For example, in resident care, the caregivers and med techs have to be compliant in certain medical courses and knowledgeable of HIPPA. Singh Learning houses everything we need that’s required by each state. 

We also have additional courses and videos we can upload for beginners and more advanced employees. 

What are some new ways Singh is attracting new potential employees? 

Now more than ever, we’re establishing relationships with different community colleges in Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia. We’re attending more job fairs than we ever have. I think that’s important because it ensures we’re attracting the right people. Our social media has also ramped up in terms of our recruiting. We’re seeing good results from those things.  

What is your future at Singh and what legacy would you want to leave with the company? 

I love this HR Business Partner role. I see myself continuing to learn and grow in this role and hopefully move up to a Marketing Manager at some point. In terms of legacy, I’ve been here for seven years and I’ve helped three different positions. I’ve been able to move up pretty quickly. I want my legacy to show if you work hard and are passionate about what you’re doing, you can also succeed.  

With all these exciting changes taking place, now is the perfect time to join the Singh family! Click here to apply today! 

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