Being a Move-in Coordinator and More with Michelle Hasberry

When Michelle Hasberry joined the Singh family in March of 2018, she was in search of something different. For the last 25 years, she had been working for Ford Automotive–a career she says she pursued to follow the money. But, with a degree in social work, Michelle always gravitated toward helping others and being hands-on.  


That’s exactly what she got when she joined the team at Singh.  


As a Move-in Coordinator, Michelle’s role is challenging, exciting, and reputedly the best decision she’s ever made. At Singh, Move-in Coordinators help residents through the entire process of finding the right community and eventually moving in.  


To find out more about her role as Move-in Coordinator, we sat down with Michelle to get the inside scoop. Here’s what she said! 


Favorite aspect of the role


The interactions with the residents, I think I like that more than anything. We also helped revitalize the welcoming committee teamwhen new residents come in, they’re starting somewhere new all over again, so you want them to feel welcome and at home. Just getting that started and seeing their faces and letting them know that they’re welcome and we’re happy they’re here, it was something that needed to be done and it’s working out pretty good. 


What Singh has contributed to her life outside of a career 


A lot more patience. What I really like about Singh is that they promote from within. They work well with those that are interested in advancing their careers and they’ll help get those persons of interest prepared for those positionsthat’s a plus for me. 


The secrets to being successful 


Consistency. Just trying to be more consistent in the work you do and being prepared to not be so rigid and formal in what you do. Things change on a daily basis and you have to be prepared for change.” 


The team 


“We have attended a couple of functions together and we formed a little reading club. Someone reads a book, gives us a review, and tells us to read it. So now we say hey let’s try this book and we have a little reading thing going on. We’ve also attended movies together after work. Overall, what I’ve noticed is that people really enjoy their jobs and that makes a world of difference. 


Advice to new employees 


“Be open. You have to be really open and receptive to what’s going on. I come from a really formal, rigid business background where everything has to be in place a certain way, and you can’t come into this particular community expecting everything to be on time every day; you have to be open to change. 


Ideal candidate to join the team 


For move-in coordinators, they have to be very versatile. You will have the opportunity to work with sales and marketing doing outreach to different communities, visiting senior community centers and doctors’ offices to pass out flyers to spread information about the community, and you also get to be hands-on sometimes when it comes to the residents. Sometimes they wander into my office and just want to sit down and talk, so you have to be really open to anything for this position. 


Are you adaptable to change? Apply today and join our team!  

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