Developing the Next Generation of Med Techs at Singh

Naomi Edwards was born an empath. Raised by her grandparents, she came into life with the ability to see beyond her own age and understand those from different generations. And, when her grandfather’s health began to deteriorate, she learned what it takes to care for someone in that position, and how hard it is as a family member.  


These experiences guided Naomi to not only pursue a career where she could utilize her empathy, but also one that allowed her to pursue her passion for caring for seniors–like she did her grandparents.  


Today, Naomi is a Med Tech, CNA, and Med Tech Mentor at Singh. But this isn’t her first time as part of the Singh family. She originally started her career as a part-time employee at Singh when she was in high school. 


As a Med Tech Mentor, Naomi utilizes her years of knowledge and experience to help the new generation of Med Techs at Singh. For Naomi, it’s all about the experience and learning–not only about the residents, but also about her teammates.  


To find out more about being a Med Tech and a mentor at Singh, we sat down with Naomi so she could spill all of the tea. Here’s what she said! 


How does it feel mentoring the next generation of Med Techs? 


It’s very important because what I run into a lot of the time with some newer employees is that they’re under the impression that they’ve done this before and it’s all easy. I’ve worked at several different facilities but can honestly say that, with Waltonwood, even if you’ve worked at other facilities, you haven’t worked at Waltonwood. It’s important for me to share that with our new team members and make sure they understand our atmosphere and how we do things a little differently than other places.” 


What’s your favorite aspect of the role? 


“Mentoring is definitely my favorite aspect and one of the most important parts of my role. To me, being out on the floor, working as a caregiver, and just  being able to mentor new people is one of the greatest feelings. We check on our team and make sure they’re doing okay, just like we do with our residents. It’s enlightening to share stories and help people gain new insight.” 


What makes Singh the best place to work? 


“Singh is the best place to work because it really is family oriented. I’m close with all of the residents and families I work with. It’s nice to be able to make a familial relationship and be there for them all the way up until the end, because it’s about making their end-of-life quality better.” 


What is the culture like at Singh? 


“Most of my team have been here for some time, so when I came on, they were all able to take me under their wing and teach me things about getting to know the residents and the different policies here at Singh. Joining the team here was a really good opportunity for me because I gained experience and learned from my more tenured teammates–which I now get to pass on to others. Everyone here is dependable and we work together to make sure that the residents are getting everything that they need. That’s the type of culture we like to create here.” 


How does it feel to make an impact in the lives of residents? 


“Honestly, for me, it’s personal. I feel like I can walk away from work feeling good at the end of the day and fulfilled because I know I made somebody’s day a little better, or I was able to lend myself to make sure that someone’s loved one was in good hands.” 


Was it easy to grow and develop into different roles at Singh? 


I came from another organization where not only was I caregiving, but I was also setting tables, serving food, cleaning, and other aspects that made it hard to define my role. At Singh, it’s not like that. Here, everyone has an important position where they can focus on one thing, and that makes a huge difference because then you’re able to define that role and figure out where you may want to eventually be within the organization. If you know your role, you can see other roles and realize you may want to take that on. That’s one of the best things at Singh, everyone here wants to help you develop and grow into different roles on our team. Especially in terms of caregiving, we are always made aware of new roles and positions and are pushed to apply.” 


Are you looking for a career where personal and professional development is just one of the many benefits? Apply today and join our team!  

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