The Life of An HR Coordinator with Nikki Boyd

Nikki Boyd has been with Singh since July 2019. As an HR Coordinator, Nikki assists with finding and training the perfect candidates to join the Singh family.  

We spoke to Nikki about her career in HR and the ways Singh pride impacts her in the office setting. 

What do you do in your role as HR Coordinator? 

I’m mostly a recruiter for the Southeast region. I help with recruitment efforts for our Raleigh, Cary and Charlotte locations in North Carolina, as well as our Ashburn location in Virginia. I also help with training by being in charge of our Singh Learning program for associates. 

Can you tell us about your Singh Journey? 

I majored in Human Resources in college. From there, I worked in payroll, but I wanted to have a recruiter and training position. I was attracted to this role at Singh because it allowed me to have the best of both worlds. 

What are some high points that you’ve experienced with Singh? 

One of the high points I experienced is getting the opportunity to hire people. That’s always exciting, especially when teams decide to move forward with applicants. In the training realm, I see how hard Singh associates work to complete their training and it’s always fun to see how excited they get when they successfully complete training.  

What is the atmosphere like working in the Cary office? 

We have about six people on our team. What’s cool is that Gary, our CEO, works out of the Cary office. He’s definitely very active and talks with everyone. It can be quiet in the office, but it’s also really close to our Raleigh and Cary Waltonwood communities. It’s easy to pop in over there and talk to them as well. 

In what ways does the Singh family vibe shine through in your small office setting? 

Even though we’re a smaller office, we always get invited to participate in activities such as holiday parties that are put on by the larger communities. We still feel that we’re a part of a big team.  

Recently, we took part in the Waltonwood Cary Cold Weather Drive and collected things like gloves, sweaters and hats from the community. We were able to donate the clothing to a local non-profit called Southeast Raleigh Promise. 

What kind of education or work experience would you suggest someone have for a HR Coordinator position at Singh? 

One thing that’s really great about this role is that Singh is open to all kinds of different experiences. In HR and recruiting, we’re always taught to look at the broader picture. We look at the skills a candidate has and see how they’re transferrable to this job. For example, when I came in, I had a little bit of recruiting experience, but I had more training experience. Having a HR degree is great, but when you come in, you’re given all the different resources, tools and training opportunities that will help you out in your role. 

What does your future look like at Singh? 

I’m excited about the future. I want to dive into more training opportunities. We’re really ramping up our recruitment efforts by attending more career fairs, and it’s great to be a part of that expansion.  



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