Being a Leasing Consultant at Singh with Sharie Watts

Leasing consultant Sharie Watts has been with Singh for almost two years. Each day she wakes up, gets out of bed, and comes to work because she loves the team she works with, the residents she helps, and, of course, the paycheck.  


Sharie joined the team after deciding she needed a change from her previous role at another property. After hearing from a friend that works with Singh about how much she loves it, Sharie applied to join the team and got the job.  


Sharie looks at her role as just one branch of a great tree.  


“For the tree to grow,” she claims, “you have to have some sun shining on those branches so they can play their role in helping the tree grow.”  


And, like the branches of a tree, there are a multiplicity of roles for professionals to play at Singh. 


“There’s a nice variety of things to do,” Sharie says. “It’s a professional but fun environment–we constantly have things going on between residents and our office, so that makes it really fun. You get to meet a variety of people here which makes every day interesting.” 


Sharie states that at Singh you get to make an impact on the lives of others every day.  


“You can make a little impact just by talking to someone or helping a resident that might need assistance,” she continues, “whether it be in their apartment, in their life, or just helping them set up payments.” 


In the same way that she makes an impact on people every day, Singh has also made an impact on Sharie’s life outside of a career.  


“Singh has given me flexibility,” she says, “there is a lot going on in people’s lives outside work and sometimes we need flexibility in our schedule to help with daily life.” 


Although she has only been on the team for a relative short amount of time, Sharie has some pieces of advice for new employees. 


“Don’t take things to seriously,” she advises, “but enjoy your time and have fun with the residents and your coworkers. But, don’t forget to also keep that professional view because people really do appreciate professionalism.” 


And she’s right, Singh places a huge emphasis on professionalism–that’s why professional development and training courses are offered to all of the Singh family.  


“Singh is really encouraging in terms of moving up and being able to take classes to learn the intricacies of the industry,” Sharie says. “They offer expanded training courses on the computers so we can learn different things like Excel and other things that will really help you grow and develop professionally.” 


But there are some skills that Sharie says you should come prepared with. 


“Patience and understanding are huge,” she informs, “and the ability to get things taken care of with a sense of urgency.” 


So now that you know what it takes, are you ready to join the Singh team? If you’re caring, professional, able to go above and beyond, and willing to put your whole self into helping others, apply today and join our team! 

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