Getting Things Moving with Peggy Sanders

Before Peggy Sanders joined the Singh team 15 years ago, she worked in the hotel industry and then as a travel agent for over a decade. Around the same time, the economy really started booming and the age of the internet was in full force. Peggy, realizing that the need for travel agents was declining, reached out to a friend, told her she wanted to get into property management, and then the next thing she knew she had an interview and was hired.  


Today, Peggy is a Property Manager at Cidermill Village in Rochester Hills. After spending a decade in this role, we wanted to find out what keeps her coming back year after year and what it’s like to be a property manager with Singh. Here’s what she said! 


What keeps you coming back every day? 


I think it’s the team of people I work with; it’s a great group. Every day, I try to come in and have good working relationships with everybody, because that’s always been really important to me, whether they’ve been here for a long time or they’re brand new. I like to have fun with the job and make it a learning experience for everybody every single day. 


How does your role contribute to overall operation of Singh? 


I think as a property manager your role is super important. I like to think that I get this place moving and going and running every single day; there are so many different facets to my job, so it makes it fun and challenging at the same time. Without a solid person as a property manager, the place just won’t functionthere too many areas that need attention and too many things that you need to be looking for all at the same time. I like to think that my job is indispensable. 


What advice would you give new employees? 


When someone new comes on, I always sit down with them. I think welcoming somebody to the group and having them know that we’re happy to have them here and advising them to ask questions–because if they aren’t asking questions then I know that they must not be learning–is really important. I always make sure that they know that they can ask a million questions because I would be concerned if they didn’t. My other advice is to be on time, always ask if other people need help, make sure you leave whatever is troubling you at the door when you come in, but my door is always open if you need to talk to me about anythingwhether it’s work or personal you can come to me anytime. As well, I would say put your best foot forward because you want to show your team and everyone that you’re happy to be here and that you can really succeed and do a great job. 


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