Part of the Family with Nakia Williams

Nakia Williams is a Scheduling Coordinator for Waltonwood Lakeside. In her time with Singh, she’s taken advantage of opportunities to move up and further her career. Throughout her journey, Nakia has experienced firsthand how Singh’s encouraging and family-oriented atmosphere has benefited herself and the people around her.

What is your title and how long have you been at Singh?

I’m the Scheduling Coordinator and I’ve been at Waltonwood Lakeside for five years.

What drew you to Singh?

I heard a lot of positive things about the company before I applied.  I was looking for a place where I could grow, utilize my skills and gain more skills. As it turns out, that’s exactly what happened. After I applied, I was told during my interview that there would be room for me to grow. I started out as a Caregiver and became a Med Tech a couple months later. After that, I applied for the Scheduling Coordinator position and that’s what I do now.

How does the management at Singh encourage team members to develop professionally?

There’s a lot of encouragement. My executive director as well as my immediate supervisor always encourages growth. They let us know if we’re doing really good and if any opportunities become available within the company. My executive director is always pushing me to apply for the Wellness Coordinator position and I let him know that is something I’ll be doing when the time comes.

What is your day to day like as a Scheduling Coordinator?

I make the schedule for the dayshift, afternoon and the midnight shift for all the Caregivers and Med Techs. I have to keep the building afloat, so we have enough staff for our residents to render quality care. I fill in on shifts when someone calls off or if we’re short. It does require a lot of flexibility. I post schedules on OnShift, but I also do recruit for new staff and am a part of the hiring process. It’s a very demanding position.

What motivates you to do you very best each day?

I’m motivated by the residents and staff, but it’s mainly the residents. Having a good executive director that oversees the facility who’s warm, encouraging and open does make a difference. Also, knowing we have a supportive corporate team that we can reach out to with concerns we may have is a good thing. They always have an open door.

Can you share a situation where your co-workers made you feel a part of the Singh family?

I have a special needs son and my position is very demanding and requires flexibility. I went to my executive director and explained to him what was going on and he was immediately willing to work with my schedule. He said I could work the midnight shift instead of coming in during the day. He was willing to do whatever he could to help me and that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t feel pressed or stressed to be there during the daytime. It made a big difference because I was able to be there for my son and cater to his needs.

What are some of the benefits you receive at Singh?

The benefits are great. The premiums for health insurance are not that expensive. I worked for jobs before where it was over the top and not affordable. Here at Singh, the benefits are made affordable for employees like me. Even with other financial obligations, it doesn’t put a strain on me. I can still pay my bi-weekly premiums and not feel that I’m losing. I’m actually gaining because I get medical, dental, vision, life insurance and 401K. It’s a very attractive benefits package.

What’s your favorite part about your role?

My favorite part is being able to help others. In my position, I see staff members who go through a lot. When they come to me, I want to work with them and be there for them. It’s very family oriented here. Not only am I working with the schedule, but I’m also an ear to listen and offer encouragement. I try to motivate the staff to grow beyond their positions. It goes so far beyond just making schedules.

What advice would you give potential candidates to help them succeed?

Balance and structure are very important. They should also be able to set standards and stand by them. Sometimes there’s a need to be assertive and flexible as well.

That was Nakia’s story and now it’s time to create yours. Apply to Singh today!

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