Being More Than Your Job Title at Singh with Deontae Norman 

Deontae Norman has been on his own since he was 17. During that time, he went through the process of trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Back then, Deontae wanted to be a filmmaker or photographer, but he realized soon after that the opportunities to make it in that field are few and far between. So, he searched for something else that made him happy. 


After some soul searching, Deontae took a class to be a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). That’s when he realized his calling was to help others and make them smile.  


For the last three and a half years, Deontae has been making residents and team members smile at Singh. Originally joining as a caregiver, he worked his way up to Med Tech, but not without some help from his friends.  


We sat down with Deontae to get the full story and find out why he loves being part of the Singh family. Here’s what he had to say: 


 On his journey to joining the team 


I didn’t actually apply for the Med Tech positionone of my co-workers applied for me and I had no idea. I got a message from one of Singh’s nurses saying she wanted to talk to me, but it was my off day; so I went in with my holey jeans and cut up shirt and I sat down. Then the executive director came in, and a wellness coordinator came in, and I was really confused. They then start asking me questions, so then I ask, am I in an interview for med tech? Because I didn’t apply.’ Then we found out a coworker had submitted my name for the job.  


On being a good Med Tech 


You have to be compassionate when working with human beings–I think that goes for any position. You also have to be a good listener, and a team player. I’m a big team player, you can call me on any floor and I’ll caregive. 


On the most fun part of his job 


My team is the most fun part of my job. I’m a big goofball and I like to make everybody smile, so having a team that responds to that is one of the best parts of my job. I also love helping my residents at the end stages of their life. They say don’t get attached because it can be really hard on you, but being able to help my residents when they need it most really makes my day.” 


On the advice he would give to new team members 


Working this job is kind of like school: you have to figure out where you fit in and how to get along different personalities, but once you get to know us, we all have each other’s backs. There are bad days, but there are also perks – like a coworker who makes you laugh or that resident who gives you some insight about life that you’ve never thought about. So, the advice I’d give is, don’t give up. I know a lot of people that say, oh this isn’t the job for me,’ but don’t be that person. If this is new to you, don’t run, you’ll find something that you enjoy or that will keep you here. 


On being part of the Singh family 


I feel like I fit in and I have a place, and I’m excited just start to my career. Singh really is my second home, and everyone here is like my second family. 


On what he’s learned at Singh 


“Being a Med Tech at Singh is a lot different than other places, and I can say that from experience. Here you’re not just handling medications, you’re also helping supervise the care staff. What I’ve learned is that you must be willing–you can’t just be your job title–you have to be a caregiver too!” 


If you’re ready to find your place on our team and help us carry out the Singh Tradition of Excellence, apply today! 




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