8 Years of Singh Pride with Georgette Branch

Georgette Branch is a Med Tech Mentor. She’s been working at Waltonwood Cary Parkway for eight amazing years. She started her Singh journey as a part-time Med Tech and eventually worked her way up to be a Wellness Coordinator. Although Georgette eventually decided to step down from the Wellness Coordinator role to focus more on family life, she remains just as dedicated as ever. 

How does being a Med Tech Mentor differ from traditional Med Techs? 

Med Tech Mentors set the model for Med Techs. You have a little more responsibility because you have to set a good example for the Med Techs. The mentor part of it means you get to help out the new hires coming in. You still have our regular responsibilities like passing out medication, but you have to observe what’s going on with residents and other Med Techs to make sure everything has a positive outcome.  

How does someone become a Med Tech Mentor or Wellness Coordinator? 

If you start out as a Caregiver, Singh will help you get the education you need so that you can become a Med Tech. Once you’ve been here for a while and management sees the excellence in you, you can move up and become a Med Tech Mentor. For me, there was a lot I had to learn as a Wellness Coordinator, but by the second or third year, I was a wonderful Wellness Coordinator thanks to the education Singh gave me.  

What does it take for someone to move up in Resident Care? 

It takes dedication and leadership. You need to be able to focus on the positive and not the negative. Singh will definitely give you a chance. They give everyone a chance. And of course, you need to have the willingness to move up.  

What’s the atmosphere like at Waltonwood Cary Parkway? 

We’re very family-oriented. A lot of times, we’ll prepare meals for each other. It’s a family atmosphere on the Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care sides. We’ve been together so long that we know each other’s families and the residents are like family to us too. It’s a very nice atmosphere. It’s more like a home setting instead of something more institutionalized. Everybody is upbeat, and I think the residents appreciate that.  

What qualities should an employee have to be successful in Resident Care? 

They need to have dedication because Singh will give you all the education and tools you need to be successful. I think they also need to have patience to get comfortable in their role. It’s important to get to know the residents and employees because that all comes together as one.  

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