Exemplifying Singh Values with Mike Hashemi 

It’s clear from the way he speaks about his job that Site Manager Mike Hashemi loves Singh.  


Before he joined the team almost a year ago, Mike was working in property management for another company, but always had his sights set on Singh. So, he knew he had to go for it when an opportunity opened up on our team.  


Every day in his role, Mike exemplifies our values and works to provide the best experience to residents and his team. He says the biggest secret to success at Singh is just working hard and being a caring person. 


How do you feel like Part of the Family? 


I think one of the main things is just how higher-ups at corporate treat us. Anytime we’ve had different events, the managers and owners are there, and they’re talking with us and treating us like we’re friends. It’s not the typical thing you see in corporations. That’s a big deal for a lot of the managers, too. I take my job as a manager very seriously, and I manage my property as I would as an owner. The reason I feel that way is because Singh makes me feel like part of the family. I’m always in communication with my direct boss, she always makes sure to help me out, and they still handle everything like it’s a family business. It’s huge; it makes you feel like you’re not working for a huge company that doesn’t care, you’re working with a family. It definitely makes you feel appreciated. The way they communicate is also really good because they make sure you know what’s going on. They have an open-door policy, and every single person I’ve dealt with has been really, really open. 


How do you Innovate in your role? 


Just from going into work, getting everything done right, making sure the property is right. A lot of times, if I have a question, the answer is always there. Everything is right there for you. Managing properties is a big role because you’re responsible for everything, but there’s always an answer for whatever you may need. 


What does the Tradition of Excellence mean to you? 


Managing properties and customer service is one of the main things. Every single day, I try to train my team and say, ‘No matter what, our customer service is the priority.’ I make sure to identify why an issue is happening, whether it’s a problem during the job or someone feeling unhappy and try to fix it. That shows in our company. We stand for excellence, and that comes from customer service. You have to show that you care, as far as a company, to your residents. If you don’t, then that reputation disappears. You always want to be consistent and keep your reputation as high as you can, and that all comes back to customer service. When it comes to my team and me, we try to take care of the residents issues, no matter what. Customer service and resident appreciation are huge in this business, and we show that here. Being such a big company—especially in Michigan—they always make sure we’re keeping that reputation up. We make sure we’re treating every single person well. You never know who that person knows or who they’ll tell, and the next thing you know, your reputation can suffer.  


How do you Act with Integrity? 


Integrity is probably one of the biggest things to me. As a manager, you have to have integrity, because what people see is what the employees see from you. Everything you do on a daily basis, your employees and residents see, so integrity is big because it drives you to be professional even when something goes wrong. Everyone looks to you when you’re a manager, so no matter what, you have to operate with integrity. I try every day to show the best parts of myself and do the right thing. 


How do you Take Charge? 


I was new to Singh, but I wasn’t new to the business. As far as Singh specifically helping me, I couldn’t thank my great boss, Michelle, enough. She put me on the site and told me what was going on and told me it was my decision on how to run things. As a manager, that was a really great thing. She just put me in. And at the same time, if I ever had a question, she was right there. It speaks volumes. She put me in control and let me take charge, but she was always there to back me up. That’s huge, as a boss, to do that. I can’t thank her enough for helping me out. 


Are you ready to work hard, grow your career, and feel the reward of happy residents? Apply today and join our #SinghPride team! 

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