Balancing College and Career at Singh with Nancy Virdi

Nancy Virdi was a bit more introverted when she first started working at Singh nearly three years ago. But you wouldn’t be able to tell today.  


As a college student looking to make some money on the side, Nancy started searching for jobs she could do while in school. And, after searching online, she found an open receptionist position at Singh and applied. She didn’t expect it to be a job she would stay in for years to come.  


“I have friends that dread going to work all the time,” she says. “It’s really nice to have a good job, with good teammates, that I actually want to go to.” 


To find out more about juggling her personal life, school, and work, we sat down with Nancy to find out how that’s all possible at Singh! 


Why should people in situations like yours work at Singh? 


One of my friends was actually looking for a job and I referred her to come work with us at Singh. I told her that the hours are great and it’s great for people who are trying to expand their communication skills and build relationships with othersIt’s a really great environment to work in and every employee you meet with is friendly. We have residents and resident family members who you get to meet and create these bonds withit’s a really great positive work environment. Usually, for most people, it’s just go to work, get your stuff done, and go home, but at Singh, there’s a bond that you make with your fellow teammates and that’s great. 


How does Singh accommodate your school schedule? 


Besides myself, there are four other receptionists who I work alongside, so if we ever need shift covered or if we’re going to be late for work or we need to trade days because of an exam or something, everyone is always willing to step up and lend a helping hand. I don’t think there’s ever been a time that I needed a shift covered and it wasn’t able to be done. 


What have you learned at Singh that has helped you outside of work? 


I feel like now I’m much more of an open person. I was a bit more introverted and shy when I started, and now I see that among my classmates who are a bit more reserved and don’t like to ask a question to have conversations. Now because of Singh, I feel like I’m always willing to put my foot forward and ask a question if I have it or speak up if I have something to say, and I feel like that’s because working has helped me improve my communication skills and my people skills and I think it’s been great for me. 


What advice can you offer new candidates? 


I would definitely say for me, I was unsure if I would be able to fit into the mold of this community. So, for people unsure if they’ll be able to fit inI was never exposed to an environment like this with older residents and so I wasn’t sure how I would be able to handle that the advice I would give is: you won’t know unless you try. That’s been the experience of most people who I talk with that have started at Singh. I think the people surrounding you definitely make it easier on you, and people are always willing to help you out if you’re ever struggling with anything. Don’t feel like it’ll ever be just you that will have to figure things out for yourself and on your own, you always have great co-workers to rely on. 


Are you friendly, driven, and a good communicator? Apply today and join our team! 

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