Getting Things Moving with Dee Dee Kubic

The first time Deirdre “Dee Dee” Kubic heard about Singh, she was looking for memory care for her mother. She immediately fell in love. Dee Dee went home that night, got on her computer, and looked online for available positions. After a successful search, she applied. Not long after, she joined the team as a part-time receptionist at Waltonwood 12 OaksBut that was just her start.  


Dee Dee grew up in Westland, Michigan, about 30 minutes south of where she now works as a Move-in Coordinator at Waltonwood Twelve Oaks in Novi. As a child, Dee Dee threw out different ideas of what she wanted to be almost daily–one day it was a police officer, the next a teacher, and after that an entrepreneur. But it wasn’t until she learned about Singh that she finally found what she was destined to do.  


To find out more about life as a move-in coordinator, we asked Dee Dee for the details. She happily obliged, and here’s what she said! 


How did Singh help you develop and move up within the company? 


“I was part-time in assisted living, and then the full-time position in independent living became available. If you know anything about Singh communities, the independent living front desk is the hub of the community–it’s always buzzing. I was apprehensive about leaving assisted living because I was attached to my residents, and I loved everyone there. But, my boss at the time encouraged me and said I’d rather have you apply then turn me down than not apply at all and wish you had. So, I applied, they offered me the job, and I’ve loved it since.” 


What is the team culture like at Singh? 


“The team culture is awesome; I think that’s what I missed the most when I left. We had a really cohesive team, and there’s just nothing like when you’re all working toward the same goal and that goal is to make residents happy and safe. Everyone pitches in to help each other because we want to get the job done and get it done right.” 


What is one of your favorite memories at Singh? 


“My favorite memories are both with the team and with the residents because I like when we put on events. We all pitch in and help out to make the residents happy–which is the best part. We just had a great survey party; we had a pizza party with a pretty good turnout. Running around and serving residents makes me happy and is honestly one of my favorite parts of the job.” 


What is life at Singh like? 


“It’s definitely a well-oiled machine, which makes coming to work a joy rather than a chore. It’s weird because you know what to expect, but you also don’t. The residents and things that happen daily might get interesting, but underneath all of that you know that things are being taken care of because you have this incredible company behind you.” 


What is a typical day like a move-in coordinator? 


“I really don’t have any typical days. I walk apartments to make sure they’re ready for move-in, I work with maintenance to make things happen. On this team, we all wear walkies and if someone needs help, then someone will get up and go help. 


Do seniors have a special place in your heart? Do you want a rewarding career that offers development and growth within a thriving organization? Apply today! 



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