Benefits of Working at Singh

When Karly Pacheco applied to join the Singh family, she was looking for a position in Human Resources. However, being freshly out of college, she didn’t have the experience she needed to join the HR team, but she did have the help of a talent acquisition specialist at Singh to let her know where she could fit on the team and how she would be able to move up into the role she dreamed of.

Singh stayed true to that promise. 

Six months into working at the home office as a receptionist and after working on some side projects with the HR team, Karly was promoted to HR Coordinator. A few months after becoming HR Coordinator and gaining more responsibilities, she was promoted to her current role: HR Specialist. 

Now, as the HR Specialist, Karly works on the company’s benefits package, leaves of absence, and unemployment. To stir up some excitement for the spectacular benefits package at Singh, she’s here to tell us all about being part of the Singh family, the benefits they offer, and how new employees can move up quickly. 

Here’s what she had to say: 


The Benefits 


At Singh, we have a very well-rounded benefit plan: Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K, and more. We also have other policies available if people want to get accident or critical illness coverage, for example. About 2 years ago, we actually started offering an identity protection planwhich has been a big issue globally within the last few years. In my experience, I believe our team and all the Singh family is happy with the benefits that we offer. 

Singh’s benefit plan gets our entire team excited because we offer a variety of plans. For example, we have an HMO plan where, depending on the coverage level, employees contribute up to a certain amount of their deductible, and then our in-house reimbursement account covers the rest of the deductible.” 


The Perks


“Here at the office it’s pretty cool, on Fridays everyone can dress casually, and people really enjoy that. We also have Bagel Tuesdays that people seem to really love. We also get to leave early on Fridays before holidaywhich is such a great thing to be able to give back to the team. The different perks are also dependent upon the site.” 


Why You Should Join the Singh Family


“Singh is a great company to work for. When I come to work every day it really feels like I’m going to hang out with family because my team is really close with one another. Family is what Singh was based on and created by, so that to me is what really piqued my interest at first. I could tell from the very beginning that they were really big on family–whether it be at the senior living communities, apartments, or building a family’s new home. At the end of the day, everything we do revolves around family.” 


Showing Singh Pride


I’m proud to tell people that I work for Singh, because I’m able to tell them about the opportunities they afforded me. I tell them how I started as a receptionist and how they kept their word when I was first interviewing. Singh indicated that one day I would be able to move into HR and I really like that they stuck with that promise. I’m living proof of that happening, so it’s great to be able to say that. It also makes me proud that we do so much for the community, like participating in the walk to end Alzheimer’s for example. We are able to reach so many people because of the many things we do.” 


The Singh Culture 


My team is like a second family to me. For example, every day we all ask each other what we’re doing for lunch or if they want to have lunch. If someone’s out on vacation or going to be out for a while, we are always here to pick up some of their tasks, so they don’t feel like they are drowning when they come back. We also all look forward to our monthly meetings where were able to sit down and see what we all are doing and to see if there’s anything we can personally help with. We also do team bonding every year, so what we do is pick somewhere fun to sit down and go over the goals of the team. Last year we took a personality test, so we really dug into that so we could know each other better.” 


Final Thoughts


Working at Singh has provided a lot of opportunities for me personally. I’m able to visit the sites and really see the difference that we make for people. We also have Symposiums every year where we hear testimonials from the residents’ families, so at the end of the day the best thing about Singh is their Tradition of Excellence and that’s really what sets us apart. We’re honest, we work with integrity, and we try to do the right thing always. That’s why I always like to tell people about Singh and get the word out to everyone, especially if they’re looking for a position here. 


If the benefits of working at Singh sound appealing to you and you’re looking to join a family-oriented organization, apply today! 

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