Recruiting Singh’s Best and Brightest with Sara Russo   

Sara Russo is a Talent Acquisition Coordinator here at Singh. What does that mean? Well, basically it’s her job to help find the best candidates who are interested in joining our Singh family. For the most part, Sara helps staff Singh’s Waltonwood communities. With locations in Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia, our amazing team ensures that Waltonwood exemplifies the best in senior living. 


Can you tell us about your journey to Singh? 

I graduated from Michigan State and once I moved home, I actually lived in one of the Singh apartment communitiesI really enjoyed the community and wanted to look into the company. From there, I found that they were hiring at the main office here in West Bloomfield and I just had to apply. Since then, it’s been a great experience!  

This is my first job out of college and they’ve really done a lot to train me and to get me to where I need to be to succeed in this role. We’ve revamped our careers site since I started here as well as our social media strategy, which I get to play a key role in. It’s been really fun–you know when people come to Singh that they have a great experience with us, and that starts with our career site and our Glassdoor page, so that’s been a great project to work on.  


What is a typical workday for you? 

My morning starts by checking my email, going through our Indeed account, and seeing all who applied, then I schedule about 10 to 15 interviews every dayA lot of what I do supports our Waltonwood locationsI recruit mainly for our caregivers and our med techs, which I feel is one of the most important roles within the companyHaving the responsibility of helping to find these caregivers who offer treatment to our residents every day can be very rewarding. We want to find some of the most empathic and sympathetic caregivers. 


What are some of your personal experiences in the senior living field? 

A lot of my family comes from a medical background. I have had great-grandparents go into senior living before, and I’ve never seen anything like Waltonwood. The care that they provide, the luxury senior living… I would trust them to take care of my own family. They really take care of every resident. I think it’s such a great company to work for and a great place to live.  


What is one of the most unique fields you get work with at Singh? 

A huge part of what I do is recruit for our culinary team. What a lot of people don’t understand about Waltonwood is that we offer a very fine dining experience for our residents. That includes scratch cooking and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. A lot of people come in with the stigma of the stereotypical food served at senior living communities, and you have to let them know the high quality of food we’re offering to our residents, which I think is a big draw for anyone looking to join a creative culinary team 


What kind of qualities or traits do you look for in a potential candidate? 

Teamwork is huge– we look for team members who can be leaders and who are willing to grow their skillset every day. Honesty and integrity both play a large role at SinghMaking sure we’re doing the right thing every time is something we look for in every candidate across every position in our company.  


If you could give a potential candidate one bit of advice, what would you say to them? 

Just know that we are a very family-oriented company that would love to bring you in and help you grow with our company. My advice is to be yourselfWaltonwood is such a great place to grow, and I think people will be really happy once they’re here. We really are a part of a big family.  


So, if you’re looking for unlimited opportunities in your next role and you want a company that deeply cares about you and your growth, then Singh is the right place for you! Apply with us today!  

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