Be You at Singh with Lora Heichel

One of Lora Heichel’s most important pieces of advice for new employees is to be you. 


“Singh allows you to be yourself,” she says, “they don’t want you to be something you aren’t.” 


Lora gets to be herself every day as the Assistant Manager at Singh’s Northridge Apartments. Coming from two undesirable companies before finding Singh, she knows a good place when she sees it. That place is Singh.  


She didn’t know much about Singh when she first applied. But, after working with two other companies before joining Singh, Lora can honestly say that this has been the greatest experience so far.  


As the Assistant Manager, Lora helps the manager with daily duties, handles rental accounts, and helps residents as much as she can. In other words, she does a mixture of everything.  


Why is your role important? 


Because I’ve had so much experience not only in the assistant manager role, but I’ve also been a manager and I’ve done leasing, so I’m really well-rounded and can help out in a lot of different areas. 


How are you innovative in your role? 


Sometimes you have to think outside of the box. Sometimes problems present themselves and you have to go in a different direction and be flexible enough to figure it out.  


Why are you proud to work for Singh? 


Singh is a great company. They stand by their products and their employees, and they believe in their team. 


What’s your favorite part of your role? 


My favorite part of my current role would be my coworkers; they make coming into work fun. I also like that my role is not just one specific thing, something new is always coming up. 


Tell us about the team culture. 


We have a very diverse culture. The team that I work with is phenomenal; we all have different backgrounds and we’re all from different places, which makes every day fun and interesting.  


What are the secrets to success at Singh? 


Being conscientious, reliable, and lending a hand when needed. 


Are you hardworking, dedicated, and able to multitask? Apply today and join our team! 






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