Passionate Care with Chandis Parris

For over a year now, Chandis Parris has been the Independent Living (IL) Manager at Singh’s Waltonwood community in Virginia. She does everything from checking the daily suggestion box and following up on requests, to staying with residents after a fire alarm episode. In every sense of the word, Chandis is passionate. Passionate about seniors, passionate about social work, and passionate about her role within the Singh family.  

Chandis grew up a military brat looking up to her mom, a Master Sergeant in the Air Force, and traveling to new bases around the United States and overseas. After the passing of her grandmother when she was younger, Chandis realized the career path she was destined for. And, with dreams of being a social worker and her mother having a doctorate in Social Work, Chandis realized her calling is to help people.   

Everything in her past has led her to where she is today, perfectly putting the puzzle pieces of her life in place. Wanting to find out more about her passion and working at Singh, we sat down with Chandis to get all of the details.  


What are the secrets to being a good IL Manager? 

The secret is talking to your residents and listening to them, making sure they know their concerns are validated. That’s my secret that I don‘t always share with everyone. As long as you show your concern in your care and you make that effort, then it goes a really long way–and the residents will tell you that too because they just want to be heard. 

How does it feel to be part of the team at Singh?  

When I first started, I felt immediately taken in because everyone was so welcoming. They are all so helpful; from the executive directors to the chefs, everyone is willing to help out. I felt like I was a part of the team from the first time we met.


Tell us about a specific time when you felt you made a difference for somebody in your role.  

I had a resident who was always really sweet, then one day she changed, and she was a little bit different. I went to check on her and she wasn’t being herself, so I knew something was wrong. I went back and said I think she has a UTI, so I called her family and told them that she was acting differently and that they should come here and take her to urgent care because I think she might have a UTI. The family came in and I spoke with them–they never even knew what a UTI was or how it affects the elderly population. They went to go see her and they saw that she wasn’t acting right, so they took her to urgent care and that night they found out that she did have a UTI. When they came back, they were just so thankful that I knew and that I helped them.


Why should people want to work for Singh? 

I think people should want to work for Singh because it is family owned and they truly make you feel like part of the family. When the owners come around, we don’t change the way we are. We don’t feel intimidated at all, they really just make you feel like you’re family and it makes me just want to continue to work here. It’s always hugs and hellos, and they know you and remember you, which I really appreciate. They really make you feel like part of the team and part of the Singh family.


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