Called to Serve at Singh with Susan Zagorski

Susan Zagorski isn’t your typical employee. Yes, she’s hardworking, dedicated, and compassionate; but not many employees leave and come back.   


When she first joined Singh, Susan worked the night shift as a server and really enjoyed the team. She then quickly took on a leadership position where she coached her team and helped them excel in their roles. But then, after a year, she decided to leave so her sonwho had just turned 17 and not yet had a job–could work as a dishwasher at Waltonwood without his mom around. But like a bee to honey, she couldn’t stay away. After a year, she asked her son if she could come back. He said yes.  


Now, both Susan and her son work for Singh. At 64, she has held several jobs, but none like the one she has now. Every morning, she wakes up and wants to come to work because she feels appreciated and loves her team. 


We sat down with Susan to find out more about why she loves her job. Here’s what she said!  


Why did you want to work for Singh? 

I’m not sure if it was anything in particular. I applied at a few different senior living places and when I got the interview here, I really liked the girl who interviewed me and they offered me the jobI don’t know that I knew anything about Singh in particular, but I knew that I was in the right spot. 


Why be a server at Singh instead of the restaurant industry?  

I’ve been in retail a lot of my life, but this is more of a personal, gettoknowpeople place because you see the same people and get to know their stories. The more I find out about them and the more I talk to them, the more I love them. The more you realize they led a wonderful life and they were just like me at one time. That’s the difference: the personalizationgetting to know people, seeing them every day, and getting to know their families–that’s not possible in the restaurant or retail worldThis is more like a family and a home. 


What have you learned during your time at Singh? 

I’ve learned that you can be appreciated at your place of business; you can be an important, integral part of the day. Plus, Singh offers training and benefits and pleasant surroundings and we’re really a team here–they really know how to make people feel like part of the team. 


How does it feel to know you’re making a difference in someone’s life? 

It feels very, very good to me. When I was 18, I worked in a nursing home and I worked with mentally handicapped adults and I really enjoyed it. Then they transferred them out and brought in geriatrics and I only lasted a couple of daysI thought I just couldn’t do it, but this time aroundmaybe because I’m closer in age to them nowI wish I would have stuck with that my whole life because it’s very rewarding to feel so appreciated and to make people smile – and they make me smile, too. 


Are you conscientious, reliable, motivated, friendly, and hardworking? Apply today and join our team!  

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