Feeding Your Passion

Willie Dunmeyer has always been undecided when it came to career choice. His interests vary from the medical field to computers to science. So, when he saw a job opening at Singh, he applied to join our culinary team in hopes of finding the perfect fit–and he did. 


That was eight years ago.  


Today, after being promoted twice, Willie is a prep cook at Singh’s Waltonwood Cary.  


“When I got to Singh,” he explains, “it was stable, so I got to learn, and I got to pick up more on cooking and providing a service to the residents.”  


With experience in the culinary world outside of Singh, Willie has seen the difference between working in the kitchen at Singh compared to working in standalone restaurants. 


“Working in culinary outside of Singh is totally different,” he remembers, “when you’re working in a restaurant, you see different people every day. Here, we see the same residents day after day, so we get the chance to learn about them. It’s definitely much less stressful working in culinary at Singh.” 


And when you get to know the residents, you learn about what they like and the foods that make them happy. Willie says one of the best feelings is knowing that the residents like the food he’s making.  


“Something surprising that I didn’t expect when starting here is hearing the life stories of the residents,” he says, “we have so many different people that live here, so learning more about them and hearing their stories is really incredible and I didn’t realize that I would have an experience like this.” 


Willie believes everyone in the culinary realm should drop the restaurant scene and join the team at Singh. 


“I think culinary professionals should come here for the environment,” he boasts, “we have a great atmosphere and team. We all try to make sure the residents are having the best experience possible.” 


That’s what keeps Willie coming back. 


“The family environment is what has kept me coming back year after year,” he says, “we all look out for each other and we don’t tear each other down; we actually work as a family to make things better.” 


Want to know what it takes to make it on the culinary team at Singh? Willie says the ideal candidate is someone that comes in with the drive to work. You can’t just come in and sit around, you have to put passion behind the work you’re doing, because at Singh, we don’t just get the job done, we get it done right.  



If you’re ready to be part of the Singh family and help our Tradition of Excellence thrive, apply today and join our team! 

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