Seeing Growth at Singh

Chalotta Johnson was born to lead. Growing up, working in HR wasn’t what she dreamed of doing, but being in the business world, managing people, and making a difference was.

Before joining the team, Chalotta worked for big names in the property management field. But, ready for something smaller, something more family-oriented, she started looking for a new job. That’s when she saw a Site Manager opening at Singh. So, she applied.

After six years at Singh, Chalotta has worked her way up from a Site Manager on the multifamily side, to a Payroll Coordinator after receiving her master’s degree in human resources, to her current role: HR Business Partner. As an HR Business Partner, Chalotta supports multiple Singh communities and acts as a liaison for the Singh team, helping cover all things HR.

We sat down with Chalotta to get an inside look at her role and what it is like to work with Singh.


The Culture


I think everyone would agree that the culture is unlike any other company. We have days where we come in and there are cookies or cakes, or the owners will go out and bring donuts and cider, for no reason. It’s just a really laid-back, friendly culture. You don’t feel micromanaged, you know what your job duties are, and they make it such a fun and enjoyable experience – like you just want to do a good job every single day.”


Innovating the Game


“Because we’re a larger team and we’re still growing, we have the freedom to be as innovative as we’d like. We have the opportunity to facilitate as well as create new trainings that we think would be helpful for the communities. I don’t think a lot of larger companies have that detail, so it’s really cool that the owners allow us to be innovative and come up with these trainings and ways to communicate them as we see fit. It’s hard sometimes, because there’s a lot of competition, but I think where Singh has the advantage is that no matter where you go in Michigan, Singh is one of the few that offers the larger three-bedroom floor plans. For a long time, it was really hard to find a really spacious 3 bedroom with a garage, so Singh was the first company to be innovative and take charge in that aspect and offer all of our unique floor plans. We are always looking, as a company, to outdo our competitors; I think, because we’re so family-oriented, that no idea is a bad idea and we are able to be as innovative as we want.”


Being Part of the Family


Honestly, at any given time, one of the owners is at the office and the rest of the family is there. They are all really down-to-earth, relatable, and personable; they stop and talk to everyone. The CEO will come and chit chat, talk about his day, and talk about what colors he is wearing, and what color he should wear tomorrow. It’s just really cool, they make you feel like family every single day. Here, no idea is a bad idea. I feel like I can go to an owner and give an idea and they actually listen and know our names.”


Seeing Growth at Singh


“We have a payroll specialist, now, who started off at one of the communities here in Michigan as a business office manager and did really well. So, we had a payroll position open up when I became one of the HR business partners and he came right in and learned the job. I think it’s really cool because we do a lot of promoting from within and it’s just really motivating to see how people from so many different backgrounds can come in, take a new role, and be great in that role.


The Future at Singh


We’re growing, we’re building, we’re becoming more and more innovative, we’re developing things that our competitors haven’t thought of yet. We have a very talented team overall, so I think Singh is going to remain number one in this industry because we hire good people and we believe in hiring people that care.”


Secrets to Success at Singh


“There really aren’t any secrets, but some things that help are: being a nice person, having integrity, being dedicated to the job, and just being sincere. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and treat others how you want to be treated.”


If you’re ready to share your ideas, grow within a supportive company, and help spearhead new, innovative concepts then apply today and join the Singh family!

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