Maintaining the American Dream

One of the most important teams within any property management organization is the maintenance team. Maintenance serves as the frontline and backbone of the organization, making sure that the properties’ and residents’ needs are taken care of.    

As a Maintenance Supervisor for almost a decade, Pa Sanyang is always proud to tell people that he works at Singh.  


They’ve been in the industry for a long time and the story of the owners is really fascinating,” Pa says, coming over to America from another country and starting from nothing is a story I can really relate to and am motivated by because I had the same experience. I came over and worked hard, and the Singh family proves that if you work hard you really can make it. 


Pa started as a groundskeeper for a Singh property in Novi with hopes of working his way up through the organization. 


“During the interview,” he recalls, “they explained to me how they do things around here and how this role was a good opportunity to move up. From there on, I knew that this was the job I wanted and the company I wanted to work with.” 


True to their word, the family at Singh helped Pa develop in his role and eventually become a maintenance leader. Now, he has his own team that he hopes to inspire. 


I have one of the best teams here in the whole company and I’m very proud to say that to anybody,” he says, “we all love each other, we do everything together, and we help each other out in any situation. I love the property that I work for and I love the people that I work for. They really treat you like family here, and that’s how I treat my team. If there’s ever a problem, they can call me and I’ll help them out. I love what I do and that’s the main thing that keeps me coming back day after day, year after year. 


As a seasoned member of the Singh family, Pa knows what it takes to make it at Singh. 


If you love what you do and you’re willing to come in and give it your all, then the sky’s the limit for you at Singh,” he states, “there’s always room for improvement and always room to grow, and Singh is really supportive and helpful when it comes to moving up. It’s a great company to work for and the opportunities are endless. 


And he knows the type of candidates that Singh looks to hire. 


“When I’m interviewing somebody,” Pa says, “the number one thing I ask is ‘Do you work well in a team,’ because the most important part of working in facilities and maintenance is teamwork. I always say ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ and no matter how smart or strong you are, you always need teamwork. To join our team, you have to be willing to be a team player. 


Along with being a team player, you also have to have integrity if you want to be part of the Singh family.  


Integrity means a lot to me,” he says, “without integrity, it’s harder to work with or around people. You have to trust the people you work with and they have to be able to trust you as well. It’s important for a company to put an emphasis on integrity so all employees know what is expected of them. I take pride in knowing that Singh believes in working with integrity. 


If you’re a team player that takes pride in their work and believes in working with integrity, apply today and join our team! 

Going Beyond Yourself with Singh Facilities
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