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By the way Peggy Boothe talks about her job, you’d think she’s been working at Singh her entire career. Before joining the Singh family, Peggy was a receptionist at an animal hospital and a volunteer at a different community with hopes of becoming a volunteer at Singh. One day she decided to apply for an open concierge position at Waltonwood Cary, and as soon as she saw the property and how beautiful it was, she knew that this was where she’s meant to be–and so did the leaders at Singh.  

Now, five years later, Peggy is a concierge working the second shift–3 p.m. to 11 p.m.–and she’s never been happier.

We got the chance to chat with Peggy about her favorite parts of the Singh family, and what it means to her to work with an organization with a tradition of excellence and an emphasis on integrity. Here’s what she had to say! 


What do you do as a Concierge at Waltonwood? 


“As concierge, we do everything. One of the most important parts of the job is being security, so in other words, no one can come in the front door unless we allow them. We also put in work orders when people have problems, we help if there’s a spill, if someone’s water is running, if the breaker goes out, or if the TV isn’t working–we’re always here to help. We also take residents to-go food orders, and we are currently in the process of streamlining this service. We’re going to be using tablets to place the orders so they go directly to the kitchen. This is going to save us a lot of time because when we’re taking orders, we have other residents that need help too.  

As concierges, we’re also in charge of stocking and ordering drinks and supplies, stocking rooms; when it comes down to it, there’s nothing we don’t do. I even decided to become a notary in North Carolina because my residents kept asking if we had anyone that could notarize documents, so I wanted to be able to do that for them.” 


How do the leaders at Singh support you? 


“We have an awesome team of leaders at Singh. They are always here to support us in any way we need. My boss Tina is the very best boss I’ve ever worked for; there’s no one like her. No matter what needs to be done, she’s right there working alongside us.”  


What is the team at Waltonwood like? 


“At Waltonwood, and Singh as a whole, we’re all team players and we all work together. If there’s ever anything that needs to be done, all of the teammates will step in to make sure that it gets done. We all help each other out and work with other departments to keep everything running smoothly.” 


What does integrity mean to you? 


“To me, integrity means delivering the highest quality of work you can deliver–and that’s what I do. 


How do you exemplify excellence in your role? 


“I exemplify excellence in my role by always having a happy face and smiling. My residents even nominated me as Associate of the Month at the beginning of the year–that meant so much to me. I got a gift card and other trinkets from Singh, which really made me feel recognized and part of the family. 


What’s the best part of your job? 


“My favorite part of the job is when the residents give me a challenge. I’ll give you an example: I have a group of residents that like playing cards, and this one rainy night none of them had umbrellas. I told them to wait a minute and I would make some rain jackets for them. So, I went into the back and I got big trash bags and cut out holes for their faces, that way they could have a hood to keep them dry. Some other residents that came by and saw them just started cracking up. I told them to give me any challenge and I’ll take care of it!” 


If you’re ready to take on any challenge and be part of a team with a tradition of excellence and emphasis on integrity, apply today to join the Singh family! 

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