Binita Patel: Enjoying Work with the Singh Team

The global pandemic has put a strain on many people’s careers with several employees deciding to reconsider their career paths or resign from their current positions. But since joining the Singh family in December 2019 soon before the pandemic made its mark, Binita Patel has only grown to love her work with the management team even more for how they handled everything during the difficulties of COVID. Currently serving as the Resident Care Manager for Waltonwood Twelve Oaks, she continues working closely with her staff to ensure the safety and wellbeing of her residents.

Throughout her career, Binita has grown to love working in the assisted living industry. She leans on her team to create a strong sense of professional trust and comradery. As mentioned, the resident care team had to recalibrate their way of doing things due to the pandemic. However, she has placed teamwork at the center of all their accomplishments during this challenging time.

“With my role, I assure the staff that they are not alone,” Binita said. “I am with them every step of the way…staffing and all. I am invested in my employees. I am never too busy to sit down and talk with my staff. They know that each and every one of them can reach out to me at any time. We are a team, neither one of us can do this alone.”

Although she continues to manage her team, she loves to accredit everyone for the work they do. Despite only being with Singh for just over two years, she already feels settled into a long-term work family. As much as she loves working with her team, Binita also values the time spent with residents.

“I love working with my residents,” she stated. “I have built a good rapport with my staff. They work hard and I appreciate them all stepping up to help when help is needed. I really enjoy what I do.”

Binita loves to discuss the professional growth that Singh provides for new and existing employees. She makes time to personally speak with or contact applicants to offer advice and discuss the potential for growth and a satisfying career.

When asked what advice she would give to anyone applying, she replied, “The best way for anyone to apply is on the Singh Careers website and then leave me a message. I will follow up with them ASAP.”

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