How Singh Creates Unique Culinary Experiences with Caprese Coakley

Caprese Coakley has been with Singh for four years. She was introduced to the company by a friend who was a Caregiver and Med Tech at the time. Caprese currently works as a Culinary Supervisor. In this role, Caprese is mostly responsible for bridging the gap between the kitchen and the dining room. 

What do you do in your role? 

I do most of the ordering for meat and produce and I keep the kitchen organized. I make sure breakfast, lunch and dinner go out in a timely manner.   

How is Singh different from other places you’ve worked? 

Singh is more organized compared to some other places I worked. It’s more of a family-oriented type of business. The management and executives also speak with you one-on-one, so you have a good relationship with them. You really don’t get that with larger companies. They have an open-door policy. You can tell them just about anything and they can relate to it. The communication makes Singh feel like family.  

What are some of your favorite culinary events within your community? 

Some of my favorite culinary events are any regional or holiday party because you get to cook food you normally wouldn’t cook. It feels like you’re cooking at home. We have an event coming up and I’m looking forward to that.  

Does your team do any fun activities outside of work? 

Recently, my cooks and I went out to eat. We try to do a lot of outings because that’s how you build a good relationship with your team inside and outside of work.  

You have to be a team player and always come to work on time. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and suffer in silence.  

Have you had a mentor or manager that helped you advance in your career? 

My chef has helped me out a lot. Everything I know how to do such as ordering, food prep and management is because of him. Some managers don’t teach those things to their right hand, but he taught me.  

Why is Singh a good place to work for a student or someone just starting off in their career? 

Working with Singh is a good hands-on experience. Cooking for the elderly is a good learning curve because that’s something you don’t learn in culinary school. Instead, they teach you how to cook restaurant-style. When you come here, you learn about different kinds of diets and pureed foods.  

If Caprese’s story inspired you to join the Singh family, be sure to apply with us today! 


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