Being a Gregarious Concierge at Singh with Keo Souvannaleuth

Every great workplace needs a team member who can provide comic relief during the workday. Random bursts of laughter make it easier to get through the day and create a tighter bond with your teammates.  


Keo Souvannaleuth is the prankster on her team here at Singh. For two years, she has worked with us as a Concierge at Waltonwood Cotswold.  


Originally, Keo was interested in joining the team for the opportunity to be part of something new. When she applied, Waltonwood Cotswold had just opened, and she was ready to jump in and get started on something new.  


Senior care isn’t Keo’s first career, however. Before she started with us, she worked in banking, but her desire to work in health care and customer service led her to look for jobs where she could do both. That’s when she found Singh.  


As the first face people see when they visit Waltonwood Cotswold, we sat down with Keo to see what it’s like to be a Concierge at Singh. Here’s the 411: 


Why is Singh a good company to work for? 


Singh is a great company because everyone is driven to make the whole team work together cohesively. Everybody has their own lives and things they have to do, but we all come together to do what we need to make residents happy. 


What advice can you offer new employees? 


Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is trying to do the same job you are–providing customer service and making residents happy. If there’s anything you don’t understand, all you have to do is reach out and someone will help. 


What makes a good Concierge?  


A big smile. No matter what type of day you’ve had, if you’re smiling, that smile will come across genuine and brighten someone else’s day. To be at the front of the building where everyone walks in, it makes a big different to always have that smile. 


What helps you power through the day? 


New projects! When you’re stuck in one area doing the same things over and over, you can become–for lack of a better term–a Debbie Downer. When team leaders or anybody comes up with a new project or idea, we all love to run with it and try it out. New projects always get me going and bring out all of my good ideas. To get involved in new projects at Singh, all you have to do is reach out. I like to talk to department heads to see what new ideas or projects we can come up with. I also share with them the ideas that residents bring me, that way we can brainstorm new ideas and solve problems. 


Do you have a positive attitude, great ideas, and a passion for providing excellent customer service? Apply today and join our team!  


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