Leading by Example with Jacqueline Scheuer

The perfect word to describe Jacqueline Scheuer is determined.  


After growing up across from Copper Creek and being familiar with Singh’s reputation and credibility, she knew it was a company she wanted to work for. So, she walked determinedly into Brandywine Apartments and asked if they had any positions available.  


Jacqueline says she’s proud to tell people she’s an assistant manager at Singh’s Brandywine Apartments because of the reputation and high standards that we’re known for throughout the community.  


How do you feel like Part oThe Family at Singh? 


Everyone is very warm and inviting. We all have good teamworkethics, and core values. 


How do you Act with Integrity in your role? 


I’m a big believer in integrity, so that’s very important to me. If you have integrity, I’m going to make sure that I fulfill all your needs and expectations, because I have respect for youit kind of goes hand-in-hand. I’m always going to work harder for you if you have integrity. 


How does Singh empower you to Take Charge in your role? 


I believe in hard work, core values, and integrity, and so does Singh. I believe in meeting expectations, and I like the fact that you’re given a set of goals and expectations and you just have to make sure you fulfill them. 


What advice can you offer new employees? 


I definitely think training is really important, so make sure you complete your training. Also, learn those core values. Each customer and prospect should be treated with the same respectvalues, and standards that Singh has come to represent. Singh has such a big portfolio, we aren’t just residential, we have so much other potential. That’s what’s so nice about Singh. 


What’s the most rewarding part of your job? 


think the most rewarding part is that I can do everything, not just what my position is. They give you the opportunity to learn more and do more, and that’s how you grow. And if you don’t have growth, what do you do? 


Are you ready for a career with endless growth opportunities? Join our team at Singh today! 

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