Q&A with Singh’s 2018 Business Office Manager of the Year: Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is always humble. When she received Singh’s 2018 Business Office Manager of the Year, she couldn’t believe it–especially considering she was only in her role for five months.  


So, what does it feel like to win Business Office Manager of the Year? We sat down with Jennifer to get the whole story and find out more about her time with Singh. Here’s what she said! 


How did it feel to win? 


“Honestly it was amazing. It was completely unexpected, in fact some of the home team told me the next day that they wished they could have had a video camera or a camera to take a picture of the look on my face when they said my name because I think my chin literally hit the floor.  


I’m pretty humble anyway, but it just didn’t even cross my mind that it was even a consideration because I had only been here for such a short time. I have over 20 years of customer service experience and 3 years of management experience, so I just think that this spoke volumes to the relationships I form with people I work with and the residents and their families. I cried.”  



Why are you proud to work for Singh? 


I think one of the things that always strikes me is how accessible the owners of the company are. When we go to events–like our holiday party and symposium–they are right there and will sit right down at your table and talk to you like they’re no different than you.  


With a company that employs so many people, you typically don’t see that; it’s not very often that you can go up and shake the owner’s hand and stand there and have a conversation and meet their family and ask them how their kids areSingh is very much like that and I think that’s huge. 


Tell us about the team culture. 


“We are very family oriented. I never feel like people are above me, I feel like you can contact your regional team, you can contact the director of HR, and you never feel like they’re way up higher than you.  


I don’t think anyone in the company portrays themselves that way, and so that family-oriented culture is great to work for. It doesn’t feel like a big corporation or have that corporate atmosphere at all. 


What type of growth and advancement opportunities does Singh offer? 


They definitely offer a lot of advancement. The caregivers and med techs can work their way up to being mentors and wellness coordinators. There’s even the opportunity for concierge staff to move up to a business office manager position, or an opportunity to become associate executive directors and go through Singh’s 18-month associate executive director program and become an ED themselves.  


There are also advancement opportunities in the kitchen as well. There are a lot of opportunities and Singh is really big on promoting from within, even if you end up in a different community, that’s something that they do that they are really proud of. 


What’s the most rewarding part of your job? 


“Making a difference in the lives of the residents and their families every day. Every morning when I come in, I go into my office and turn everything on, and then I take my coffee down to the dining room and I mingle with all the residents while they’re eating breakfast. I have taught exercise classes too, because I have a certification in personal training as well. I have taken time out of my daywhen I’ve had itto go down and sit in the activity room and play Euchre with the residents when they need a fourth player 


Sometimes they don’t need a fourth, but one will sit out because they love when I play. I always do things like that to mingle and get to know them, and they know my door is always open if they’re having trouble with anything. We have a resident who messes her TV up all the time, and she needs help turning it back on. I just go right down there, and I always get it figured out and she says I love you so much honey, and I just say that’s what I’m here for!” 


Are you passionate about helping others, eager to learn, a good listener, and interested in the opportunity to be the next Business Office Manager of the Year? Apply today and join our #SinghPride team! 

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