Creating Communities at Singh

Jodi Wear has one important piece of advice for anyone that joins her team: Know how to close the deal. 


Before joining our team as a leasing consultant at Singh’s Brandywine Apartments, Jodi worked as a manager at a debt collection agency for 19 years and then spent some time in furniture sales. Both of these experiences taught her how to talk to people, overcome objections, and how to fully immerse herself in the organization she works for.  


“I wanted to utilize my skills in sales, so I applied on the Singh careers site,” Jodi elaborates.  


“After I applied, a site manager contacted me to come and interview, and I was extremely impressed by the property here at Brandywine and how well it was maintained. That’s when I knew this was the perfect career fit for me.” 


We sat down with Jodi to find out what advice she has for new candidates, and what she loves about her new career at Singh. Here’s what she said! 


What skills are necessary to succeed in this role? 


To be successful, you must be driven, motivated, and enjoy working with people. You have to be fantastic at dealing with guests that come in and are interested in renting, because you need to find out what their needs are and explain the benefits of renting at your property. You also need to know how to close the deal.  


How did you know Singh was the right career move? 


I knew Singh and my career here were right for me from my background experience in sales. I’m very passionate when it comes to helping people, and it’s so rewarding when you see people smile and are grateful when you find they’re perfect home. 


How is Singh different from competitors? 


Singh is different from competitors because we don’t just bring in people to rent, we create communities. We have community parties, we get food catered, and we have vendors come in. One of our residents is a dancer, so we gathered all the residents and we got up and we danced together.  


We want our residents to make friends in the community and be able to come into the office and be friendly and chit chat with us. We aren’t just renting to someone; we are making warm and friendly communities. 


What do you like most about working at Singh? 


What I like most about working with Singh is the opportunity for growth in the company, and that its family-owned. I really enjoy working for a family-owned company, the owners are very much involved. They have trainings where they bring everyone from all the properties together and they boost morale and give awards out. I truly am grateful for the growth that they provide in the company and that they take a lot of pride in their work. 


What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your role and how does Singh help support you? 


Coming into a new company, I had to obviously learn their computer system, and then I had to learn about rentals and percentagesIt was a little bit of a challenge in the beginningbut I overcame that by going to the site manager who sat side-by-side with me 


I’m very grateful for him for taking the reins and showing me how to use the system and answering every question I have. I really have grown and learned a lot since I’ve been here. The managers and the entire team really support you to work your way up. 


Are you ready to join a tight-knit team and develop and grow in your career? Apply today and join Singh! 


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