Spicing Up Your Culinary Career at Singh

For nearly 15 years, Beth Siatta had been surviving through the stressful days, daunting hours, and little to no benefits of being a chef. But, when she made the move to senior living at Singh, she ignited a new love for her culinary career. 


Since November 2018, Beth has been the Culinary Services Manager at Singh. Other than a new-found love for her career, Beth says Singh has given her both family and friends that have made a huge impact on her life. In her spare time, Beth personifies Singh values by volunteering for a program called Serve Our Willing Warriors–aorganization that hosts retreats for veterans just released from local medical facilities and their families–where she prepares meals once a month for everyone that attends.  


Recently, we talked with Beth about how she arrived at Singh and how it compares to her previous life in the restaurant world. Here’s what she said! 


Why should other chefs work in senior living? 


Especially on the culinary side of things, the hours can’t be beat. You’re not working until three or four in the morning, plus the benefits are amazing. Those things aside, being able to work with the senior population just has so many rewards. I personally moved to Virginia and all of my family is still in Chicago, so being here I have a lot of surrogate parents which is really great. They’re just really fun to work with. 


What advice would you offer new employees? 


Do your best to get to know the residents, because the more you know the residents, their likes and dislikes, the more passion you’ll have for the food that you’re making. 


What has Singh contributed to your life outside of a career? 


For me, family, friendsespecially more so now that I’m separated from a lot of them, I realized how much more of an impact they have on my life. 


Describe the ideal candidate. 


Positive attitude, willingness to learn, someone who realizes they don’t know everythingbecause even I don’t know everything and I learn new things every single daysomebody who wants to have fun and make a difference in other people’s lives, and someone who’s interested in more than just a nine to five job and getting a paycheck, it’s someone who’s interested in getting a reward.  


Are you ready for a rewarding culinary career far away from the stresses of the restaurant world? Apply today and join our team at Singh! 

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