Finding Your Why at Singh

They say there are two important days in your life: the day you’re born and the day you find out why.

Before Sharon Mugochi joined the team at Singh, she had a desk job in an office. It paid the bills, but she never felt fulfilled. Then, a friend presented her with an opportunity she couldn’t turn down: to learn how to provide one-on-one patient care. That was the day Sharon found out why.

When asked how it feels to be part of the Singh family, Sharon says she feels valued. Valued because her hopes and dreams are valid at Singh. Valued because every employee is important at Singh. Since April 2018, Sharon has been a Med Tech with us. Although her journey here just started, she has already moved up within her role and now serves as the team lead.

To find out more about memory care and developing your career Singh, we sat down with Sharon to get the full story. Here’s what she had to say.


All health care professionals can find their place at Singh


“One thing they told us when we got hired was that they really believe in family values, and they have held true to that. When I started, I was a little confused about my schedule because I have two children and I’m a single mother. They worked with me until I found the perfect schedule so that I can have time for my kids and time to go to school; Singh is very accommodating and understanding. They truly support putting family first and they make work like a family. They make this place a place to grow. I started as a med tech and then I showed them some of the skills that I had from a previous job, so when the opportunity came they said, ‘okay based on your skill set, we want you to be team lead’ and I said, ‘oh my gosh that’s perfect, I can do that’.

If you aspire to grow and develop, this is the place to be and the managers are always ready to teach. I’ve learned so much since starting here.”


The best part of working in Memory Care at Singh


“It’s never a dull day. It’s hard, but you get to laugh a lot. We laugh all the time; whether somebody cracks a joke or just patients being funny. The best part is when people say, ‘gosh, I’m so glad you’re here, I feel more comfortable knowing you’re here’. That helps you make it through a hard day. When your head hits the pillow at night, it feels good because you know you did your part for the world today.”


Making a difference in the lives of others at Singh


“One of my co-workers was having a hard day; they have a really difficult commute, so they were running a little bit behind. I took over all of the carts in the building to help them out. When she came in, she thanked me because I made her day a little bit easier. Another time, one of my co-workers said something really meaningful to me; they were talking about switching shifts around and she said, ‘oh my gosh if I didn’t get to work with you every day, I don’t know what I’d do’. It feels amazing to know that I make someone’s day better.”

Proud to be part of the Singh family


“I’m proud because we provide great care. I’ve worked in several places and the care we provide here is the best. They make it so, every day, we just get to focus on care – and that helps us provide the best of it.”


Coming back day after day


“For me, it’s the residents and the relationships I’ve formed with them. It’s hard when we lose somebody; recently we lost a resident and he was one of my favorites. He was difficult, but he became my favorite. Those relationships are real and human and that keeps me coming back. Sometimes I’m at home and I’ll think about them, so I’ll text my coworkers and ask if they’ve eaten or if they’ve gotten any better because you get attached to them. This past weekend, I actually went on a fishing trip that one of the residents told me to go on. He told me where to go, who to ask for, and he promised me that I would love it. So, I booked the trip and was going to go, but then he passed away. In the end I went so I could honor him.”


If you’re ready for a career that offers growth, development, and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, apply today and join the Singh family!

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